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Real Estate Portfolio Management System

Make portfolio management reliable with a consistent data basis

To manage real estate portfolios, companies frequently use models and systems that do not always utilise consistent databases. Consequently, the results are often inconsistent. The real estate portfolio management system ensures access to a consistent database of the SAP® ERP system. It links various portfolio management tools with one another and thus pools the knowledge of experienced real estate experts.

The system-integrated solution allows the portfolios to be analysed quickly with regard to the statuses of individual properties, their location quality and their economic efficiency. Suitable norm strategies for efficient portfolio optimisation can be derived from this. As part of integrated investment planning, the real estate portfolio management system also supports systematic decision-making and subsequent performance analysis to check the success of investments.

The real estate portfolio management system is divided into seven modules that can be implemented separately or as a package.

Immobilienportfoliomanagement-System (IPMS)

The seven modules of the real estate portfolio management system

Portfolio model and scoring

An analysis of the real estate values and features of the individual properties provides a simple evaluation of the portfolio. The results of the evaluation allow the real estate to be categorised and presented systematically in the portfolio model and the norm strategies to be derived.

Budget and investment calculation

The decision regarding the implementation of norm strategies and individual alternatives for action is supported by a comparison of various income statements. The profitability of an investment is presented using KPIs such as the VOFI return and return on equity.

Cockpit and KPIs

The development of the real estate KPIs is presented in a condensed overview. Complex interrelationships are presented clearly using graphical elements.

Performance analysis and value driver tree

A value driver tree clearly displays the individual determining factors and their interaction with the KPI. As standard, the individual determining factors and their interaction with the total return KPI are clearly displayed.


An automatic valuation is performed for each strategic business unit based on the discounted cash flow, the German yield value and the broker’s procedure. In this way, the (net) capital value of an investment can be calculated.


The reporting module serves to visualise and analyse real estate KPIs and results. It is supplied as standard with a real estate profile including all KPIs for the strategic business unit.

Risk analysis

The basis for the risk analysis is the investment calculation and the performance analysis (return). Using the risk–return matrix and the scenario analysis based on the investment calculation, risks can be identified and analysed and thus taken into account in decision-making.

Gesamtüberblick über ein Immobilienportfolio im Immobilienportfoliomanagement-System
Complete overview of a real estate portfolio
Cockpit und Kennzahlen im Immobilienportfoliomanagement-System
Cockpit and KPIs
Werttreiberbaum (Beispiel Sachwertverzinsung)
Value driver tree (asset interest calculation as an example)

Further information

If required, additional KPIs, valuation procedures and other analyses can be added to the individual modules.

Your benefit

A focus on results: The real estate portfolio management system allows the portfolio to be managed in a targeted and efficient manner.

Transparency: The clear preparation of large quantities of data increases transparency and allows all portfolio situations to be assessed at a glance. Decisions regarding investment and divestment are based on a consistent, transparent system and are thus easy to understand.

Quality: The streamlined, efficient processes and the central, consistent database ensure a high level of quality.

Cost and time savings: The automated time savings and planning functions eliminate a large part of the manual effort involved in acquiring and aggregating the relevant data.

End user

  • Real estate management
  • Controlling
  • Strategic planning

Technical requirements

  • SAP® Business Information Warehouse
  • SAP NetWeaver®

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