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Property planning & investment calculation

Reliable planning through integration of actual values

The property planning and investment calculation module is a best practice solution resulting from years of experience with planning models in the various areas of the real estate industry. A wide range of solutions and functions from PROMOS are available for planning portfolio properties and selling real estate.

Regardless of the planning method and depth required, PROMOS always strives for complete integration of the actual values, thus making planning even more precise and reliable.

Various basic functions are provided as standard as part of the property planning and investment calculation module. These include the simulation of rental income, management costs and depreciation across any planning horizon as well as the option of manually recording additional planning values, such as building measures. It is also possible to present various scenarios (e.g. real, best and worst case) as well as complete financial plans and the plan, profit and loss statements for each business unit. An analysis can be performed in a Microsoft® Excel-based front-end system.

At the core of property planning is a parameter-supported calculation algorithm that allows simulations to be performed, for example:

  • Continuation of the contractual conditions for each existing rental agreement, regardless of the usage type (e.g. residential, commercial, parking spaces, etc.)
  • Adjustment of the contractual conditions for residential property based on the fundamental principles of Section 558 of the German Commercial Code
  • Adjustment of commercial lease agreements according to the contractual conditions defined (e.g. graduated rent, index adjustments, option and termination rules, etc.)
  • A new letting simulation based on the anticipated rental price development and parameter values
  • An operating cost simulation
Furthermore, to assess the benefits of an investment, a complete financial plan is prepared using the simulation results and the manual maintenance. Using the KPIs net present value and VOFI equity return as well as the internal IRR, the various scenarios within a business unit as well as the property results of different business units are transparent and can be compared.
Darstellung eines vollständigen Finanzplans als Ergebnis der Investitionsrechnung
Presentation of a complete financial plan as the result of the investment calculation

Further information

  • Individualisation: The open solution architecture of the property planning and investment module allows the specified basic functions to be enhanced in whichever way you wish and the plans and analyses to be tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Expandability: The strategic maintenance planning module is an ideal addition to the property planning module. This module automatically calculates the major maintenance measures based on the defined maintenance intervals. This optimally supports the process for deciding for or against an investment and adjusts the higher-level maintenance strategy.
  • Holistic: It is useful not to view property planning separately but rather to have its results incorporated into an overall business plan (cost centre calculation and/or profit centre calculation).

Your benefit

Reliability: Reliable planning is essential when managing a company. The approach of integrating actual values into property planning completely eliminates manual interfaces, and the live ERP system becomes the single point of truth.

Transparency and time savings: The integration of actual values eliminates unproductive work steps during planning for the asset manager responsible for the property, such as checking current rents or advance payments for operating costs, as these are applied automatically in planning. The planner can thus concentrate fully on future and current matters that remain uncertain, such as the development of rents and vacancies.

End user

  • Asset manager
  • Portfolio manager

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP
  • SAP Business Warehouse (7.X)

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