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Business planning

Clever business planning instead of tired rituals

On the basis of our real estate solution library for integrated business and financial planning, we can provide you with all consulting services, from design to implementation, as well as support with live operation of a customer-specific business planning application based on SAP® Business Intelligence products.

An integrated planning application that also integrates the actual values from the ERP system accelerates the planning process from the first entry to the finalised business plan, and subsequently makes it easier to perform a deviation analysis.

Business Planning is a planning application which is based on SAP® Business Intelligence products and integrates actual values from the ERP system. It supports conventional cost centre planning with the costs allocated to the cost objects (e.g. business unit, profit centre). Planned values can be entered under various structure elements, in particular cost centre, profit centre, business unit and WBS element.

Planned and simulated values from ERP (e.g. rental income, operating costs, depreciation, etc.) are applied automatically in the plan and can be adjusted if required. Integrating the actual values supports the planning process in an optimal manner, as the planner can concentrate on the expected changes to the current status quo.

With SAP® Business Intelligence, comprehensive reporting based on various front-end systems (BW/BO) is also possible. These systems validate the existing plan and, at the same time, deviations can be analysed quickly in the current planning process.

We supply the following reports in the standard version:

• Projected balance sheet
• Projected profit and loss account
• Cash flow statement
• Comparison of planned and actual values based on selected plan elements

All entry and report layouts are prepared using your individual corporate design.

Input and output quantities of business planning

Further information

The property planning and investment calculation module can be added to business planning. This allows rental income, management costs and investments as well as the sale of real estate to be planned in detail. These planned values then form the basis for business planning. Likewise, the properties can be presented with various scenarios based on parameterized planning.

Your benefit

Integration of actual values: Business planning is based on the current actual values of your SAP® system. This avoids interfaces to third-party systems and creates a consistent database. It also allows you to prepare sound up-to-date plans that identify deviations immediately.

Transparency: The integration of actual values from the SAP® system combined with the familiar BI tools allows you to create clear and helpful plans, analyses and simulations.

Time savings: Using PROMOS business planning, the relevant departments can be included in the planning process directly, saving the employees in controlling valuable time.

End user

  • Business controlling at management level (e.g. cost centre owners)

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP
  • SAP® Business Warehouse (7.X)

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