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Strategic maintenance planning

Secure the long-term value preservation of your real estate strategically

The replacement costs (dismantling, disposal and recovery) and the economic life for the major components of a building are recorded in a lifecycle model. Initial general analyses regarding the overall portfolio can even be performed based on the construction years, and basic questions of real estate portfolio holders can be answered, such as:

  • What is the current condition of the properties?
  • Are major maintenance measures expected in the short, medium and long term?
  • What maintenance costs should be planned for the portfolio?
Following an individual adjustment of the condition or actual construction year of the individual components, the recurring periodic maintenance costs for each property and even component can be forecast in great detail across the entire real estate portfolio with little effort.

To perform calculations for the entire real estate portfolio that require very little time, a model has been developed to record the key components and the costs of their replacement (dismantling, disposal and recovery) for the various building types and their economic lives. Based on the maintenance strategy mapped using useful lives and costs, the anticipated costs for maintaining the value of the real estate portfolio can be calculated across a defined period.

Implementation of the solution for strategic maintenance planning is based on a best practice approach that has been developed as a result of our consultants’ many years of experience with various different planning models for the real estate industry.

Modelbeispiel zur Ableitung einer Instandhaltungsplanung (vereinfachte Darstellung)
Example of a model for deriving a maintenance plan (simplified presentation)
Components of strategic maintenance planning

Further information

  • Continued use: The arithmetic unit mapped using strategic maintenance planning can be used as a basis for automatic calculation of the real value.
  • Expandability: It is recommendable to combine strategic maintenance planning with property planning and investment calculation. This optimally supports the process for deciding for or against an investment and adjusts the higher-level maintenance strategy.

Your benefit

Reliability: Mapping the maintenance strategy in a model allows financial and technical cluster risks due to ageing components to be identified at an early stage.

Transparency: The system provides a transparent presentation of the means required to preserve the value of the portfolio in accordance with the maintenance strategy defined in the system.

End user

  • Asset manager
  • Portfolio manager
  • Strategic areas
  • Controlling

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • SAP Business Warehouse (7.X)

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