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Consulting Facility Services

We connect real estate industry and settlement data

Operating costs of real estates are a meaningful competition factor for companies and the annual utilities statements is one of the most important processes for housing companies. Inwardly, it takes a lot of effort and is error-prone due to the many details. Outwardly, there doesn´t seem to be an activity performed by the object manager, which is being assessed more critically.

That´s why the PROMOS.FS Facility Services GmbH as a service subsidiary of PROMOS has specialised in commercial processes and services all around the facility management. The focus especially lays in the very complex management sections, like the operating costs. Starting with the planning and initialising of cross-company processes and the determination of mutual quality and status criteria, and ending with the operative performance of data exchange, documented format transformations, master data management, accounting and other activities – we are taking over all of those arising tasks.

PROMOS.FS has made it its business to guarantee quality of utilities statements sustainably and at the highest level. Not only solutions for quality and plausibility checks of accounted data are provided, but also tools and services for sustainable process optimisation and cost savings.

The statement solution “Integrated utilities statement – IBEKO” of PROMOS.FS combines utilities, heating, hot and cold water in one statement. It is based on linking what were isolated processes in the housing industry and meter reading services. The data of meter reading services can be integrated easily in the settlement runs of housing companies, without needing them to process statements themselves.

Choose between IBEKO Check – our consumption analysis and quality testing of your data before utilities statements are printed, and the comprehensive IBEKO Services – with the implementation of integrated utilities statements in different stages and our print and delivery services, or let IBEKO Bench generate an analysis of your entire utilities in different formats.

We are more than willing to advise and support you parallel to the topics utilities, contracts and tenders within our proposal IBEKO Consult.

Your benefit

Supplier independency: PROMOS works independently from the used SAP® solution, the meter reading services and other service providers. This way non-SAP® users may profit from a huge part of the offered services as well.

Time and cost savings: With the facility services of PROMOS you will fasten up the additional payment claim thanks to quick processes and you will shorten your processing times. Additionally you will gain personnel resources for other activities thanks to significantly minimised administrative efforts for utilities processes.

Quality: You and your tenants will receive examined, stock spanned and meter reading service independent settlements and consumption analyses. A highly credible quality is needless to say.

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