Portfolio No.: 5701-00
Subject: Utilities


Illustrating and comparing operating and heating costs transparently

How does the energy balance of my stock look like? Are costs of diverse providers for identical services the same? In default of suitable tools, time, personnel and know-how, the illustration of stock-spanned and meter reading service independent operating cost data, their reasonable preparation, evaluations and guidance are often not given the necessary significance. With a professional benchmarking evaluation you can summon up hidden potentials in the section of transparency as well as the customer communication. This way you can compare and illustrate operating costs transparently and infer appropriate actions.

For this purpose PROMOS has developed IBEKO Bench. With this solution all relevant data of a utilities statement (heating costs included) can be processed to different degrees and visualised and presented in one benchmarking method.

The provided data can be compared with the IBEKO benchmarking inspection either within the own property portfolio, or with external data, like of the German tenants´ association or the GdW/Geislinger Konvention.

Following assessment options are available in various constellations:

• CO2 balance
• amount of utilities
• kinds of utilities
• building year of construction
• size and location of the real estate/ property
• and much more…


Your benefit

Transparency: Operating and heating costs can be illustrated quickly and transparently with IBEKO Bench.

Comparison: With IBEKO Bench you will get the opportunity to compare your objects on a standardised basis and you can get portfolio-wide evaluations with access to buildings of third parties.

Guidance: You can infer precise guidance from the evaluations, e. g. for investments in energy saving measures or to negotiate with service providers on a goal-oriented basis.

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