Portfolio No.: 5702-00
Subject: Utilities


Every second settlement is incorrect!

Does the tenant have a significant deviation of consumption compared to the prior settlement period? Is the assignment of meter reading devices per tenant correct compared to the previous year? For an accurate settlement of a utilities statement including heating costs settlements all relevant data should be examined for integrity as well as plausibility. That means, a high quality of utilities statements ties up personnel capacities, delays the finishing of settlements and the delivery of settlements to the tenant and property owner.

Thanks to IBEKO, statements based on current and previous data are audited quickly and safely without any own evaluation effort. This way discrepancies and potential errors can be identified before mailing to tenants and property owners and can be systematically edited.

IBEKO Check comes in three varieties:

IBEKO Check 1 is the examination of consumption-dependent utilities statements, independent of the software used. This requires data exchange in E-record form from version 1.1 with involved meter reading service provider. In case you currently work with D- and W-record data exchange, the additional delivery of E-records is required.

Examination fields of IBEKO Check 1 are:

• accounting time periods
• heating degree days and calendar days
• hot water formula for connected facilities
• cost allocation to all users
• consumption data
• vacancies
• estimates
• comparison of basic and consumption parts with former periods
• comparison of device measurements with former periods

With IBEKO Check 1+ you get consumption analyses in addition to the examination of consumption-independent utilities. Allocatable consumption analysis has been imposed with the amendment of the heating cost-ordinance (§7 par.2) and shows costs and consumptions of heating and hot water treatment over the last three accounting periods. Every tenant gets a consumption analysis of their rental property and the entire property, the landlord gets an entire overview.

IBEKO Check 2 is the examination of non- consumption-dependent utilities statements in SAP®. This requires access to relevant data in your SAP® system . Our examination is independent of your current SAP® system house partner.

Examination fields of IBEKO Check 2 are:

• examination “current simulation” against “prior statements”
• completeness examination
• divergence in benchmarks and accounting figures
• divergence in utility key figures
• divergence in accounting units
• divergence in rental buildings


Your benefit

Reduction of errors: You get a statement or a consumptions analysis examined before printing and delivery – meter reading service independent and stock-spanned. With IBEKO Check your will reduce the error rate of your settlements considerably.

Time savings: You save time in due examinations from meter reading companies against general business terms.

Cost savings: You reduce potential tenant requests and all related correspondence.

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