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Optimal printing and mailing service for your utilities statements

Every year numerous utilities statements are generated, in order to allocate the arising and apportionable costs within the particular settlement duration to every tenant. After the creation of settlement letters, many steps from the housing company to the tenant are required, for example printing, assigning, putting in envelopes and delivering. PROMOS offers you a reliable printing and delivery service, so that you don´t have to worry about those activities any longer.

Within IBEKO Print PROMOS takes over the preparation, print and dispatch of statements in every required type of delivery. In doing so, the integrated, on ARGE E-records based documents of PROMOS, or the standard SAP® document, which is enhanced automatically with the documents of the meter reading company for heating by PROMOS, can be used. The print service also contains every print purpose, which needs to be processed within the customer communication. Single tasks as well as the overall process can be taken over.

The printing and delivery service includes the following services:

• coordination of printing data for utilities statement
• generation of statement documents after release from SAP® users
• coordination of other printing data
• printing of utilities statements or tenant information (for restoration, for tenant adjustment…)
• printing of COA documents (common charges, business plan, reports…)
• printing of other documents / forms / texts (training documents, newsletter…)
• examination of printed pages (form, text, address, pages)
• putting in envelopes (sealed, open..)
• mailing / delivery (via snail mail, via card…)
• recording / proof of delivery (per delivery, two-person rule)
• archiving (per system landscape and need)

Your benefit

Cost savings: With the IBEKO Print service you save investments in printing, mailing and their processes.

Consistency: With IBEKO Print you profit from a portfolio-wide, meter reading service independent utilities statement view.

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