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Subject: Utilities

PROMOS Consumption Analysis

With transparency to a low consumption

For economical as well as environmental reasons a reduction of energy and hot water consumption is a goal of the tenant. The environmental awareness gets stronger quickly in wide parts of the population. At the same time energy prices increase continuously, which is why the minimisation of consumption has twice the added value to the tenant. But how is the tenant supposed to find the starting point for the minimisation of its consumptions without a personalised analysis of its consumption behavior?

That´s why PROMOS has developed a service for you and your tenant for the generation of a regular consumption analysis. It offers the tenant information about the energy and hot water costs in relation to the data of the housing unit and shows the development of those data in a three-year-time period. The consumption analysis not only helps the tenant, but also brings numerous advantages to you as a landlord. Via targeted evaluations of the consumption data you get a detailed analysis with hints to possible conspicuities, e. g. insufficient heating, and you can point out particular measures to your tenant on time.

The consumption analysis of PROMOS.FS: Safe. Easy. Individual.

No entry barriers

The decision for a consumption analysis is not linked to any added effort for you. The consumption analysis is generated by PROMOS.FS based on SAP® saved E-records and sent and attached to the actual settlement letter automatically. After that, consumption analyses are saved to your archive system.

Item in transit

For the consumption analysis no additional costs arise. With the renewal of the heating cost regulation of 2009 it was determined, that a generation is apportionable. This way we speak about a so called item in transit.

Everything under control

Before the final generation of the consumption analysis you as a landlord get a release overview, with which help you can decide on the final mailing of the analysis. This way you may exclude certain tenants or entire properties from the generation of a consumption analysis if needed. That means you will keep the control of your settlement letters.


The general structure as well as the content of the consumption analysis can be determined by you. Additionally it is possible to add individual information texts to an analysis. Exemplarily for comparable low heating costs an advice about correct heating and airing behavior can be integrated. 

Individuelle Verbrauchsanalyse mit kundenindividuell gestaltbaren Hinweistext
Individual consumption analysis with the customer-individually designed advice text

Further information

  • Utility Cockpit: PROMOS offers with the SAP®-based utility cockpit a useful tool within the utilities statements. A traffic light function shows at a glance, which business units and which DTA-AE have already been settled. Every settlement step can be tracked, time-wise monitored and assessed.
  • Consumption analyses with easysquare during the year: With the use of suitable meter reading techniques monthly consumptions analyses can be provided to the tenant with easysquare as well. This way the tenants can positively influence their current consumption behavior even quicker and better.
  • 360° service: Besides the generation and the mailing of consumption analyses, the PROMOS.FS takes over numerous further services regarding utilities statements, starting with the process of external settlements generated by meter reading service providers and ending with the complete settlement of entire business units.

Your benefit

Satisfied tenants: With the higher level of information about the own consumption behavior it´s possible to the tenants to influence their own consumption targeted. The corresponding cost reduction leads to a higher satisfaction of the tenants.

Increased ability to inform: Your customer supervisors get more information thanks to the detailed, visualised consumption information and are able to inform your tenants even better.

Improved user behavior: With the operative integration of advices for an optimal tenant behavior you can influence your tenants positively and protect substances of your buildings sustainably.

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-Classic
  • SAP® RE-FX

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