Rachid Bourakaa
Employee profile

Rachid Bourakaa

Position: Accounting Staff

Part of the company since: 2013

Company: PROMOS consult

Rachid Bourakaa works at the department Financial Accounting at PROMOS. In this interview he introduces himself and talks about his tasks.


Hello Rachid, how would you describe your professional career in only a few sentences?

Rachid: Well I´m from Marocco and I´ve been living in Germany since 2003. I studied business administration in Wiesbaden and moved to Berlin with my wife after she was employed here. In 2013 I´ve started working at PROMOS in a three-months internship in the financial accounting department and I´ve been working here ever since as a permanently employed.

How does your typical workday look like? Imagine your alarm clock going off! What´s the first thing you do?

Rachid: Smiling! The very first thing we do is getting up with a smile!

Are you being serious?

Rachid: Yes, I´m serious [laughs]! We try to do that every morning and every night before falling asleep and it works so far. Sometimes we tell each other a joke or something funny. You´re in a good mood right away! Later, on our way to work, we drop off our little son at the kindergarten. When I get to PROMOS the first thing I do is getting all travel expense receipts and all bills from the mailbox and turn on my PC. Then I´m getting a tea. I don´t like coffee, sometimes I´m getting a hot chocolate though [laughs]. Afterwards I start my daily routines, mostly posting bills. I´m always looking forward to going out for lunch with my colleagues. We try to go to different places everyday: Asian food, sometimes just a pizza or a kebab! In the afternoon I always visit the marketing department. They´ve got a huge glass filled with candies that I´m stealing from [laughs]! Around 5.30 or 6 pm I´m off and I go grocery shopping, we cook, eat and put our little one to bed.

Are you working more in a team or by yourself?

Rachid: In the accounting department it´s not really possible to work by yourself. That only works in a team, because an invoice always passes many different stages.

Are there any events at PROMOS that you always look forward to?

Rachid: I´m excited for many things during the year. Especially doing stuff with all of my colleagues together. E. g. we participate at a relay race every year. That race is my annual motivation to start training running three to four months earlier. Very cool are our Christmas parties, too. There is always a theme, e. g. „Villains, Baddies and Rascals“. The accounting department and I went to that party dressed up as the Disney´s Beagle Boys. Besides that, there is a summer party every year. 2013 was an anniversary. We went to the Beach Mitte and played beach soccer, did wall climbing, had a lot of food and drinks. At night there was a big firework! We´ve also got a couple of team events. Last year our department took a cooking class together. That was fun!

Do you pursue a hobby in your free time?

Rachid: Sure, my hobby is dancing. I pretty much dance everything. As soon as I´m hearing music it starts [laughs]! That´s why I´m always excited about the Christmas and summer party. Duh!

How would you describe PROMOS in 3 words?

Rachid: In relation to the accounting department: reliable, fast, always up to date. There are so many changes, it´s important to keep track!

Thank you Rachid, for answering those questions so openly and honestly.

Rachid: You´re welcome.

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