Diana Beyer
Employee profile

Diana Beyer

Position: Director Human Resources & Organization

At the company since: 1999

Company: PROMOS consult

Diana Beyer is responsible for Human Resources and Organization. In the interview she introduces herself and her tasks at PROMOS.


Hello Diana! When did you apply for PROMOS? Do you remember your starting time?

Diana: During my study and also after completing my education as an assistant tax consultant I began to work as a student assistant in the sector of internal accounting at PROMOS in 1999. Afterwards I got the opportunity to do an internship as a consultant for SAP Financials. Because of my experience as a tax consultant, I liked it to combine the old and the new.  Then I knew in my mind that I wanted to work at PROMOS as a consultant for SAP.  Therefore I was advising nearly ten years as a consultant of SAP Financials. In 2015, after my second parental leave I adopted the sector of HR and Organization.

What belongs to your tasks in the sector of personnel and organization?

Diana: Our tasks in this area are very versatilely. We prepare payrolls, organise the company pension and deal with all questions about recruiting, contractual issues, settings, parental leave and many more.  These are roughly the tasks of the personnel sector. In the sector of organization, we look after the intern projects. Currently there is for example the reconstruction of our office space in Berlin. I regard it as our task to make contact to as many departments as possible. We operate as an internal service provider at the company and as this, we want to be perceived. We are willing to build up an open and communicative cooperation and always want to be responsive to all employees. And this works very well so far!

How do you support the communication among one another? Do you use concrete measures?

Diana: Yes there are many things. In cooperation with the marketing department we also coordinate our communication. Personally, I like the weekly plate of fruits, which is meant as a communicator. We put plates of fruits at several central points, hoping colleagues from different departments interact at those meeting points. Beside that we want to promote the health of the employees.

Is there a current project that is particularly important to you?

Diana: Now that we were talking about health… this year we wanted to underline everything around the theme of health management. At this moment we subsidise health-promoting measures, for example fitness activities or massages, but we also subsidise regularly eye tests at the company. Colleagues with the passion for running participate at a team relay every year. With this, we want to focus on the mental strength and the team spirit. We wanted to build this sector up. For example we plan to perform regular sport courses. I think that this is a very important issue.

That sounds like a very extensive business area. Do you work forty hours a week?

Diana: No. Cause I´m a part time mother. Currently I work 32 hours a week and have one day off. On this day, my team deputise me, so that the office is always occupied!

How did your parental leave work out?

Diana: It ran very smoothly. The leave was no problem for me [laughs] and the re-entry went well in my opinion as well! PROMOS is willing to allow mothers and fathers pleasant working conditions and also wants to response to their needs. PROMOS also pays grants for the kindergarten and offers different part time contracts if correspondent conditions are met! Currently we set up a small play corner for children at PROMOS.

If you have a child-free or work-free moment, what would make you happy the most?

Diana: I would like to sleep and relax [laughs]. In those moments I try to treat me well, so I do some sport exercises, wellness or meet my friends!

Thank you, Diana for taking time for this interview. We wish you success for your projects in the future.

Diana: Thank you very much.

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