Minadora Lukas
Employee profile

Minadora Lukas

Position: Demand Manager

At the company since: 2018

Company: PROMOS consult

Minadora Lukas serves as a demand manager. In this interview, she introduces herself and her tasks at PROMOS.


Hello Minadora! You came to PROMOS as a university student. What did you study, and how did you come across PROMOS as an employer?

Minadora: I studied business at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. The university holds a company contact fair once a year called TH connect. I was looking for an internship around that time and ended up having a pleasant and interesting conversation at the PROMOS stand with Diana, the HR director. I already had a good feeling then. Diana immediately had ideas about which department at PROMOS I could work in. I then filled out an application at the stand and went home with a positive feeling. Things went really fast after that – I soon got a call and already had a confirmed internship placement.

How were you received as a student at PROMOS?

Minadora: On the first day you are welcomed by the HR team. First they show you everything, and you get to know your new colleagues. New employees are also assigned a mentor who will support them with help and advice. After the initial training, you can take on responsibilities relatively quickly and conduct independent project work. It feels really great not to be seen as “just a student” – you are full member of the team. There is no differentiation between students and salaried workers, we’re all the same. I think that’s the reason why there are so many students and interns at PROMOS who work here long-term and end up staying at the company to work after completing their studies.

Are there special events or benefits for students at PROMOS?

Minadora: Yes, there are a few things. There is a monthly student get-together, for example. We also did a Berlin rally with the students. I loved both activities since they allowed me to meet students from various other teams with whom I otherwise had no contact at work. It’s helpful to chat with them, since they’re currently in a similar situation to you. The relaxed atmosphere is also good for casually getting to know one another.

Which areas have you worked in so far at PROMOS? You started off with your internship – where did things go from there?

Minadora: Exactly, I first completed a mandatory three-month internship for my degree programme and was then employed as a working student for two more months. Since finishing my bachelor’s degree, I have been working in a permanent position at PROMOS.

Which responsibilities have you taken on at PROMOS? Are your current tasks different from the ones you performed as a student?

Minadora: I work in the easysquare area, which revolves around all the mobile solutions and apps from PROMOS. I had a wide range of tasks as a student. For example, I created documents for strategy meetings and conducted market analyses. I was familiar with these things from university, so I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice. I learned many new things during this time and received support from my mentor. That was a big help, since I can now build on this knowledge as a permanent employee and work even more independently. But I can definitely say that I already received tasks with great responsibility as a student.

That sounds exciting! Can you tell us more about it?

Minadora: Yes, of course! For my bachelor’s thesis, I designed a completely new app: the manager app. That was an exciting project with lots of responsibility where I was able to apply my strengths and work together with many intelligent people.

And how do you envision your future career path? Would you like to complete a master’s degree?

Minadora: Since April 2020, I have served as demand manager at PROMOS. I’m thrilled about this new professional challenge. I will be in charge of looking after demand and ideas management within the company. I would really like to pursue a master’s degree, but part-time while still working. I know from initial conversations that PROMOS will support me on this path, since PROMOS is an employer that attaches great importance to the professional development of its employees.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work at PROMOS?

Minadora: I appreciate the level of freedom that I have here. It’s not like at school, where someone checks whether you've done your homework. People trust you to take care of your responsibilities. I see this as a huge benefit, since this trust has motivated me and advanced my development. I also like how communication-driven my work at PROMOS is. During collaboration not only within the team but also with customers – on site or on the phone. It’s definitely lots of fun.

What advice would you give to potential applicants?

Minadora: I would say that if you are someone who is not afraid of challenges, who is curious, and who wants to learn something new – then come to PROMOS! You can broaden your horizons here and get to known processes and methods that you won’t hear about in any university lecture.

Thank you for the interview, Minadora! We wish you lots of fun and success in your new position and in your future master’s programme.


Minadora: Thank you!

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