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Subject: Deposit Management

easysquare deposit accounting

Professional deposit accounting – the deposit accounting process with easysquare workflow

A lease-out ends and the corresponding deposit needs to be settled after a certain period of time. Deposit accounting can generally be performed in two different ways: either the deposit is paid out in full or the deposit is retained due to outstanding rent receivables or is paid out only in part. In addition, as part of the accounting, a distinction is made between cash and non-cash deposits. These are settled in different ways.

The deposit accounting processes in a company are permanently defined and generally go through multiple departments. With deposit accounting, PROMOS provides you with a process that you can use to settle your deposits professionally and consistently. The “Deposit accounting” workflow navigates users securely through the steps that are relevant for them, including a two-stage release strategy. Integrated, customer-specific processor determination ensures a smooth process flow.

With the deposit accounting based on easysquare workflow, you retain an overview of all the key work steps for deposit accounting and can view the status of the accounting at any time. In addition, it is clear at all times which employee is responsible for processing the current step.

The deposit accounting process

Deposit accounting processes can be started manually or automatically. Manual creation is performed directly in the deposit contract. In this process, the system checks whether there is already a process in easysquare workflow for this deposit and whether the deposit type is plausible. The specially configured report ensures that the deposit accounting processes are created automatically based on a freely definable amount of time after the end of the lease-out. The user can decide which additional criteria are used when creating the deposit accounting processes. Selection criteria such as company code, business entity, contract, contract type and term “from/to” are available. In this case, all selected deposit contracts are again checked for existing deposit accounting processes. After the deposit accounting processes have been created, they are available to the user in question, who is defined by the customer-specific processor determination, in the global work basket.

Check and release strategy

The easysquare deposit accounting is optimised with checks and queries that have been tried and tested in practice, meaning that the system intercepts any incorrect entries and makes the user aware of them through notifications. Examples of this are queries regarding an active dunning and case record or an amended contract end date. Critical entries are checked using a two-stage release concept (dual control principle). Manual process interruptions must be explained with a mandatory justification and are displayed in the “Process cancellation” process step that was created for this purpose.

Report zur automatischen Erzeugung von Kautionsprozessen in der PROMOS Kautionsabrechnung
Report for automatic process generation
Zu bearbeitende Vorgänge im globalen Arbeitskorb in easysquare workflow
Procedures to be processed in the global work basket

Further information

  • Correspondence: An option is available to create customer-specific correspondence directly from the deposit accounting process. Notes created during the process are saved centrally and are available at all times.

Your benefit

Transparency: The relevant information for deposit accounting is collected and made available for all employees concerned.

Time savings: Processing time is reduced thanks to the streamlined and intuitive handling throughout the process.

User friendliness: The business partner’s bank details are read in and are available within the process. The possibility to go straight to the deposit contract or the higher-level real estate contract round off the user friendliness.

End user

  • Deposit accountants
  • Customer advisers
  • Rental accountants
  • Receivables managers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX, lease-out management
  • PROMOS deposit management
  • easysquare workflow

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