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Subject: Workflows

Real Estate process library

Use and benefit from tried and tested RE-FX processes

As real-estate practice is becoming increasingly professionalised, it is essential that housing companies present themselves as flexible, customer-oriented and, above all, efficient. Innovative technologies are required as well as process-oriented task and transaction processing. The flexible real-estate management software (RE-FX) from SAP® maps all the requirements of modern real-estate management and the related business transactions in full. With the Real Estate process library, PROMOS provides a useful collection of field-tested processes in RE-FX to help you get the most out of your SAP® solution.

PROMOS has been innovating for many years and, thanks to its extensive experience, has access to a sophisticated process library in the area of real-estate business processes. To help you efficiently control precisely these real estate-related processes, we provide you with easysquare workflow – a useful tool that provides you with benefits including fast, requirements-oriented implementation of tried-and-tested processes.

The Real Estate process library is a collection of field-tested processes from the RE-FX environment. The processes listed below can be integrated into the existing SAP® ERP environment either as a standard solution or tailored with customer-specific adjustments:

  • Incoming processing of tenant mail
  • Termination and re-rental process
  • Rent calculation according to the rent index
  • Property privatisation
  • Receivables tracking  

With the help of the underlying easysquare workflow process control tool, you can map simple checklists for processing open tasks and present highly complex, fully automated workflows. The many options for customising the processes allow every company to quickly and easily map their own business processes in a tailor-made way.

Die Prozessbibliothek Real Estate in easysquare workflow
The Real Estate process library in easysquare workflow

Your benefit

Time savings: With the Real Estate process library, you receive access to tried-and-tested processes and benefit from fast implementation due to a high level of standardisation. Nonetheless, the standard can be enhanced to meet customer-specific requirements. With the individual processor determination in easysquare workflow, you can quickly determine the administrator responsible or have the system output this information automatically based on previously defined rules.

Transparency: As all processes as well as the corresponding documents are documented transparently in easysquare workflow, you retain an overview of the status and work progress at all times.

User friendliness: The intuitive operation of easysquare workflow is easy to learn and therefore more scalable.

End user

  • Customer advisors
  • Inventory managers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP

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