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Subject: Master Data/Contracts

PROMOS reporting tool for RE-FX

Information in a nutshell with the PROMOS reporting tool for RE-FX

The structure of the real estate data stored in SAP® RE-FX is highly complex. Successfully analysing such an extensively interconnected network of database tables is not possible in the SAP® standard system, and a manual analysis is extremely time-consuming.

The PROMOS reporting tool for RE-FX links the data from various different levels meaningfully and prepares it in a technically condensed manner in two tables. The two tables can be analysed in various ways. In addition, reports regarding vacancies can be generated, and finished and future occupancies can displayed via a status function. Thanks to the nightly determination of the data, it is available for further analysis using external tools at any time.

To prepare your data using RE-FX, the PROMOS consultant defines the criteria in Customising in cooperation with you. These criteria will later be used to determine the structure of the report tables. This means that you yourself specify which data is relevant for you and, in this way, you receive an individual report tailored to the needs of your company. The reports can be created with minimal programming effort and can be modified at any time.

Less is sometimes more – two tables for an ideal overview

The reporting tool generates two compressed tables from the existing flood of data. The first table contains information on the commercial portfolio, i.e. the rental objects themselves. The second is filled with data regarding the existing real estate contracts.

Vacancy report

The reporting tool creates vacancy contracts for times during which a rental unit is vacant. This means that the reporting tool for RE-FX can be used to evaluate vacancies and lease-outs in one go.

Internal and external further processing of data

The data in the tables generated can easily be analysed using the familiar SAP® tools. The possibilities range from simple displays of the tables and quick analyses using SAP® Quick Viewer to complex reports prepared with the aid of an SAP® Query. The data tables can also be evaluated using external software, such as Microsoft® Access, SAP® Crystal Reports, SAP® BEx Analyzer or SAP® BO Analysis.

Overnight data evaluation

A generation program calls up the required data overnight at intervals that you define yourself. Overnight execution means there is no loss of performance during the day. Up-to-date data is available on the precise day when it is needed.

Data from various levels is aggregated in two meaningful database tables

Further information

  • Customer-specific requirements: As well as customer-specific customising, the reporting tool tables can be enhanced with additional company-specific data.
  • Data transfer: The data from the reporting tool tables can be automatically transferred to other database systems such as an SQL server.
  • Counting function: With the counting function, you can determine the quantity of specific data records, e.g. the number of lease-outs.
  • Historical reporting tool add-on: Would you like to keep an eye on how your data develops? This is no problem with our historical reporting tool. The requested data is historicised and can thus be used for comparisons at any time.

Your benefit

Reach your goal faster: With the help of the reporting tool, data can be analysed ad-hoc and in real time.

Short program runtime: The analysis time, and with it the program runtime, is extremely short, even for complex queries. The implementation time is also very short, and the programming effort required to create the reports is minimal.

Easy evaluation: The data tables generated can be evaluated using the normal SAP® tools and can be exported and processed further using programs that go beyond these functions.

Flexibility: Virtually unlimited expansion of the data models is possible.

End user

  • Management
  • Inventory managers
  • Controllers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX

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