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Subject: KPI

PROMOS KPI Dashboard

High-quality management information prepared in a compact manner

Knowledge of the most important indicators is a vital success factor helping every real-estate company to judge its own performance. Those who maintain a continuous overview of the current business figures such as average apartment rent, mortgaging reserve, vacancy rates or investment data stay one step ahead of the competition. PROMOS provides an invaluable aid to manage this mass of information from your ERP system.

Important operating and housing industry key performance indicators (KPIs) are greatly condensed and presented clearly with the PROMOS KPI Dashboard. This places the management in an ideal position to gain an immediate overview of the often complex facts and figures and to make business decisions quickly on the basis of data.

Das PROMOS KPI Dashboard für das Management von Wohnungsunternehmen

The PROMOS solution is based on the user-friendly Fiori® working principle and essentially works at two levels:

Overview in the Dashboard

Firstly, important key performance indicators from financial accounting and real-estate management are compressed in the form of tiles and mapped as in a cockpit. The KPI system here serves not only as a source of information, but also takes on a control function. Because reference values are stored, each key performance indicator is visually supported with a traffic-light function (red, yellow green). This allows the status of a KPI to be easily understood, which in turn facilitates fast decision-making. Benchmarks or company-specific targets are ideal starting points for setting a reference value. The trend display is another indicator for early recognition of trend changes and for assessing developments and quickly recording areas of action. The trend results from a simple comparison of the key performance indicators for the period presented with those of the previous period. Furthermore, additional filter options enable an initial analysis of the information.

Jump to the details

At the second level, every KIP presented provides a detailed page in a tile where you can view the content of all requirements that need to be considered in relation to a KPI. Various visualisation options, such as diagrams and tables, allow you to gain a fast overview of the company situation and development.

Das PROMOS KPI Dashboard visualisiert alle wichtigen Unternehmenskennzahlen

The PROMOS KPI Dashboard displays the most important company KPIs in a clearly presented cockpit and supports fast decision-making.

Überblicksseite im PROMOS KPI Dashboard mit SAP Fiori
The overview page for a key performance indicator in the PROMOS KPI Dashboard provides a clear insight into the company situation based on data and allows access to additional information and references (in this case, for example, the vacancy rate).
Darstellung von Daten als Tabelle im PROMOS KPI Dashboard
Various tabs on the overview page for a key performance indicator allow the data to be presented in charts or displayed in full as a table.
Einstieg in das PROMOS KPI Dashboard über das Fiori Launchpad

The PROMOS KPI Dashboard is accessed conveniently from the homepage of your Fiori® Launchpad.

Further information

  • Profiles: To allow you to understand how the presented key performance indicators are derived, if required, corresponding KPI profiles can be integrated. These summarise the calculation metrics of the KPIs. Using these profiles, you can ensure a common understanding of each KPI throughout the company.
  • Key performance indicators: For a detailed analysis, alongside the KPI and their absolute values, analogy KPIs can be integrated into the header of a detailed page for reference purposes. This allows deviations to be determined quickly.

Your benefit

Clarity: Planning and control using KPIs enables intuitive analysis and results in well-founded insights for your decisions. The efficient use of the Dashboard helps you optimise company processes, lower risks and make the company generally more profitable.

Speed: Data collection in real time allows a significant performance increase for decision-making.

Device independence: All information is provided to the various target groups via a web-based user interface, allowing you to benefit from device-independent access – be it from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

End user

  • Company management
  • Management
  • Controlling
  • Project managers
  • Associations

Technical requirements

  • SAP S/4HANA®
  • Fiori®

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