Real Estate Management

PROMOS provides you with various different functions and add-ons that make day-to-day work with your SAP® system significantly easier. Various work steps are automated, information is prepared individually and made available more easily, for example with our solutions for service charge settlements, adjusting rental conditions or the contract account sheet. And all this can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Consulting Real Estate Management

Rely on the expertise of the leading innovator for professional real estate management

PROMOS Business partner management

Seamless management of business partners

PROMOS Sanctions List Check

Be on the safe side – check business contacts automatically and with ease

PROMOS Lease-ins for business activities

Map direct costs from lease-ins for business activities transparently in SAP®

PROMOS Household-related services in accordance with Section 35a of the EStG (German Income Tax Act)

Seamless presentation of household-related services in accordance with Section 35a of the EStG (German Income Tax Act)

easysquare CRM ticket system

Systematically process customer inquiries

easysquare tenant app

Mobile communication in the easysquare tenant app – where tenants, property managers and craftsmen meet

easysquare Mieter-App als native App für Android, iOS oder Web App für den PC

Mobile communication in the easysquare tenant app – where tenants, property managers and craftsmen meet

Modern, customer-oriented housing companies no longer restrict their communication with tenants to correspondence by letter, but use a variety of communications channels and media to reach their tenants in their personal living environment while simultaneously saving costs. Certain age groups handle almost 100 % of their communication via the Internet, and most of their Internet use now takes place via mobile terminal devices. So what could be more logical than mapping communication with your tenants in a special app?

easysquare owner app

Manage property effectively in an app

easysquare installment payments agreement

When the tenant defaults – the installment payments process with easysquare workflow

easysquare contract record

Manage documents easily with easysquare contract record

easysquare object record

All documents and processes for your buildings are bundled and available to call up in the easysquare object record

easysquare signature process

Digital signatures with the easysquare signature process

easysquare change of tenant

Implement a change of tenant on a mobile, SAP®-integrated basis

easysquare Mieterwechsel

Implement a change of tenant on a mobile, SAP®-integrated basis

A change of tenant is among the key workflows for a property manager. If a tenant moves out of a flat, several work steps are required before a new tenant can move into the flat. Did the previous tenant cause damage that needs to be repaired? Are cosmetic repairs necessary and when can the new tenant move in? In order to answer all these questions, the property manager needs to gain a detailed picture of the condition of the flat. With easysquare, you can easily perform the change of tenant process with the inspection and handover of residential properties on a mobile, SAP®-integrated basis.

easysquare rentals

Organise rentals efficiently and in a networked manner

easysquare potential tenant app

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork in your service centre and sensitive data in your emails – keep all your data and important functions together and clearly organised

PROMOS cost notifications to meter reading companies

A central overview of all cost notifications to meter reading companies in SAP®

PROMOS COA administration

Correct COA administration in SAP®

PROMOS COA Invitation, minutes and decision archive

Clearly document your COA decisions with the PROMOS COA Invitation, minutes and decision archive

PROMOS management of condominiums

Professional management of condominiums in SAP®

PROMOS land use management (LUM)

Manage your land use conveniently and flexibly in SAP®

PROMOS room administration

Detailed management of the fixtures and fittings characteristics in your properties

PROMOS Utilities Cockpit

Complete monitoring and process controlling of the utility statement with the PROMOS Utilities Cockpit

Ganzheitliche Überwachung der Nebenkostenprozesse in SAP mit dem PROMOS Nebenkosten-Cockpit (NKPU)

Complete monitoring and process controlling of the utility statement with the PROMOS Utilities Cockpit

Every year, you create a utility statement for your tenants. This is a routine process, yet it involves significant increases in work time and manpower. From transferring the consumption values and settlement calculation to distributing the letters – with the Utilities Cockpit, PROMOS provides you with a tool for easy, clear process monitoring of your utilities in SAP®.

PROMOS utilities reporting

Reliable, error-free data with PROMOS utilities reporting

PROMOS modular utility statement letter

Compile the annual utility statement letter for your tenants in a modular and flexible manner.

PROMOS Utilities add-on for PDF printing

Put D records in SAP® to profitable use

PROMOS Reporting RE-FX master data / contracts

Useful PROMOS reports for your master data and contracts in SAP® RE-FX

PROMOS Reporting rent cost estimates

Generate reports for rent cost estimates in SAP® conveniently and promptly

PROMOS Reporting for contract accounting / receivables management

Keep all contract data firmly under control with reporting for contract accounting and receivables management

PROMOS mass maintenance of RE-FX master data / contracts

Mass maintenance of RE-FX master data and contracts in just a few clicks

PROMOS mass entry for incoming payments

Convenient mass entry of incoming payments

PROMOS energy performance certificate

Precisely record key energy data for your buildings with the PROMOS energy performance certificate

PROMOS migration tests for RE-FX

Migrate from RE Classic to RE-FX successfully and without errors with the PROMOS migration tests

PROMOS analysis of the target / actual situation

Detailed analyses of your rent receivables and tenant payment behaviour with the PROMOS analysis of the target/actual situation

PROMOS OI clearing with residual item creation

Automatic clearing of open items with residual item creation in SAP®

PROMOS contract account sheet

Keep an eye on all items with the PROMOS contract account sheet

PROMOS capping tool for rent adjustment

The PROMOS capping tool to set freely selectable limits when adjusting rental conditions

PROMOS forecasting tool for rent adjustments

The PROMOS forecasting tool for simulating future/missed rent adjustments in SAP®.

PROMOS deposit management

Manage deposit contracts securely and transparently

PROMOS dunning and case record

Efficiently organised dunning with the PROMOS dunning and case record

PROMOS Analysis tool for contract balances

Keep track of rental arrears at all times with the PROMOS analysis tool for contract balances


Seamless, GDPR-compliant integration of SCHUFA queries with the PROMOS SCHUFA interface

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