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The continuous advance of digitisation and continual development of smartphones and tablet PCs are the driver for a culture of sharing – in a personal as well as business context. With easysquare, PROMOS has created a unique networking platform especially for the requirements of real estate and facility management. Our in-house developed easysquare mobile app provides the option of mapping all kinds of mobile process steps – from simple mobile entry of working hours to complex process chains such as a change of tenant.

easysquare mobile

Control and link up mobile processes

Die easysquare mobile App für iPhone/iPad oder Android und Tablet

Control and link up mobile processes

Easysquare is a networking solution, which connects all those involved in the real estate business with one another. With the help of digital forms of the easysquare mobile app can depict various processes via mobile devices, so that arising tasks can be done on site with the smartphone or tablet PC. Those tasks could be on-site-inspections, search for interested parties, registration of defects, safety precautions, craftsman services as well as numerous further functions and processes.

easysquare tenant app

Mobile communication in the easysquare tenant app – where tenants, property managers and craftsmen meet

easysquare owner app

Manage property effectively in an app

easysquare rentals

Organise rentals efficiently and in a networked manner

easysquare potential tenant app

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork in your service centre and sensitive data in your emails – keep all your data and important functions together and clearly organised

easysquare change of tenant

Implement a change of tenant on a mobile, SAP®-integrated basis

easysquare Mieterwechsel

Implement a change of tenant on a mobile, SAP®-integrated basis

A change of tenant is among the key workflows for a property manager. If a tenant moves out of a flat, several work steps are required before a new tenant can move into the flat. Did the previous tenant cause damage that needs to be repaired? Are cosmetic repairs necessary and when can the new tenant move in? In order to answer all these questions, the property manager needs to gain a detailed picture of the condition of the flat. With easysquare, you can easily perform the change of tenant process with the inspection and handover of residential properties on a mobile, SAP®-integrated basis.

easysquare defect recording

Integrated and on site: Mobile defect recording with easysquare mobile

easysquare craftsmen portal

Mobile order management with easysquare

easysquare vacant apartment refurbishment

Make refurbishment decisions directly on site thanks to integrated cost calculation

easysquare timekeeping

More time for the important things

easysquare solution for legal safety regulations

Stay on top of your duties in accordance with legal safety regulations with easysquare

Mit der easysquare Verkehrssicherungslösung die Betreiberpflichten fest im Griff

Stay on top of your duties in accordance with legal safety regulations with easysquare

As a real estate owner, not only do you need to keep track of your financial KPIs; you also need to know the actual condition of your buildings. In addition to purely economic reasons, this is also a legal requirement. Owners are obligated to keep their properties in good condition to prevent defects for third parties. With easysquare solution for legal safety regulations, PROMOS provides a suitable solution for support.

easysquare mobile inventory recording

Maintain your data right where your property inventories are located

easysquare mobile release

The on-the-go signature for shorter process times

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