Workflows & Development Services

The gapless mesh of tasks and processes is the ideal image of every company. For this a suitable IT support is indispensable. In some cases it can be drawn on pre-built standard solutions. But if the task sequences are complex and characterised by high company specificity, individual developments are the key for a smooth operations flow. It doesn´t matter to which of both sides you belong, PROMOS guarantees to have the suitable solution for you. Core element for this is the process controlling tool easysquare workflow. In addition to the technical components our holistic service approach also always consists of competent and longtime experiences based on consulting services. Not only we´re consulting you about the design of the software, but also about e. g. migration and license models. 

easysquare workflow

Control processes intelligently and easily

Übersichtliche Startmaske von easysquare workflow, integriert in SAP

Control processes intelligently and easily

Easysquare workflow allows simple and intelligent control of every conceivable process in SAP®. The various business processes are arranged clearly and in a user-friendly manner in the operation-oriented process landscape. The individual subtasks can be assigned to employees and the order and duration of the tasks specified and managed centrally in the Process Cockpit.

OpenPromos® Corporate Correspondence

Customer-specific creation of written documents in MS Word with the correspondence interface

PROMOS package for data protection

The diverse package for legal requirements regarding data protection

Consulting Software Development

Profit from the innovation leader in the development of software solutions for the real estate industry

Consulting Migration Services

No knowledge without data – mastering migrations successfully with PROMOS

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