Workflows & Development Services

The seamless interaction of all tasks and processes is the ideal that every company wants to achieve. Adequate IT support is essential here. With our process controlling tool easysquare workflow, you have an overview of all your different corporate processes. Thanks to workflow automation, you also benefit from greater process efficiency and transparency, thus relieving the workload on your employees. In some cases, preconfigured standard processes can be used here. However, if work steps are complex and highly specific to the company, custom solutions are the key to success. Regardless of your sphere of operations, PROMOS guarantees the right solution for you.

easysquare workflow

Control processes intelligently and easily

Übersichtliche Startmaske von easysquare workflow, integriert in SAP

Control processes intelligently and easily

Easysquare workflow allows simple and intelligent control of every conceivable process in SAP®. The various business processes are arranged clearly and in a user-friendly manner in the operation-oriented process landscape. The individual subtasks can be assigned to employees and the order and duration of the tasks specified and managed centrally in the Process Cockpit.

OpenPromos® Corporate Correspondence

Customer-specific creation of written documents in MS Word with the correspondence interface

PROMOS business partner anonymisation

Easily anonymise personal data from SAP® business partners

PROMOS workflow anonymisation

The smart process anonymisation for easysquare workflow

PROMOS pseudonymisation tool for test systems

Data protection-compliant system copies and test systems thanks to pseudonymised data

easysquare signature process

Digital signatures with the easysquare signature process

easysquare change of tenant

Digital handshake for changing tenants – conveniently integrated into SAP® for maximum process efficiency

easysquare invoice receipt workflow

Tailored processes for your invoice receipt with easysquare

easysquare mobile release

The on-the-go signature for shorter process times

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