It is not just accounting administration for customer and vendor payments, but also the specific challenges of asset accounting when managing own stock or externally-owned stock that make financial accounting a complex area of activity. With small tool packages, unique approaches
and targeted industry expertise, we can make a big impact together with you.

Consulting Financials

Deceptively simple financial management

Electronic Bank Statement

Post account transactions automatically with ease using the Electronic Bank Statement

Post-Processing of Electronic Bank Statements

Faster post-processing thanks to a clever single-screen transaction

Management of Loan Contracts

A clear view of liabilities and receivables

Management of Derivatives and Securities

Holistic Management of Derivatives and Securities with SAP®

Accounts Receivable Accounting

Accounts Receivable Accounting made by PROMOS – manage outstanding claims efficiently

Asset Management

Manage tangible assets optimally with just a few clicks

Leasing Accounting in Accordance with IFRS 16

Account for leasing contracts correctly in accordance with IFRS 16 using SAP® RE-FX

easysquare invoice receipt workflow

Tailored processes for your invoice receipt with easysquare

easysquare Rechnungseingangsworkflow

Tailored processes for your invoice receipt with easysquare

Invoice processing is one of a company’s core processes. Often various people and departments at different locations are responsible for recording, assigning, releasing and posting invoices. This makes invoice receipt processing a complex process with countless manual interfaces. The easysquare invoice receipt workflow allows you to digitalise and dramatically simplify your invoice receipt processing.

PROMOS XRechnung exchange

PROMOS XRechnung exchange takes you to the next level of invoice processing

easysquare accounting process library

The fast route to digital process management

easysquare mobile release

The on-the-go signature for shorter process times

PROMOS Cash Connection

The bank-independent solution for accounts receivable and accounts payable

PROMOS DATEV interface

Data transfer in no time with the PROMOS DATEV interface

PROMOS Automated Electronic Bank Statement Processing

Say goodbye to manual post processing!

PROMOS collateral value calculation

Real estate valuation like the professionals - the thorough way to value your properties in SAP®

PROMOS Individual Value Adjustment

Measure claims efficiently – here’s how!

PROMOS Universal Posting Interface

Go with the digital flow using the PROMOS universal posting interface

PROMOS Property Privatisation

Divide assets quickly and with ease

PROMOS Maintenance Provisions

From creation to reversal – with PROMOS, you are always on the safe side

PROMOS CO Integration of Loans

Provide complete information on the current status of your capital at all times

PROMOS Reporting Asset Management

Powerful tools for successful year-end closing

PROMOS Reporting Loan Management

Make well-founded financing decisions in just three clicks

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