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PROMOS has been among the leading consulting and system house in the German real estate business since 1998. The company offers a full range of consulting, development and implementation of software solutions as well as training; its service portfolio consisting of IT services and an in-house data centre. This portfolio is rounded off by specialised and application-oriented service and support. Across all service areas we provide industry-oriented and integrated system support for business processes. The economic benefit for our customers is the focus of our services. Thanks to PROMOS, our customers generate a higher yield and become much more flexible and faster in their responses.


Jens Kramer, CEO der PROMOS consult

Jens Kramer

Chief Executive Officer of PROMOS consult 

At PROMOS since: 1998

Field: strategy and products

Volker Schulz, CIO der PROMOS consult

Volker Schulz

Chief Information Officer of PROMOS consult

At PROMOS since: 2002

Field: service, support, data centre and project development

Katharina Knorr, CFO der PROMOS consult

Katharina Knorr

Chief Financial Officer of PROMOS consult

At PROMOS since: 1998

Field: finances and controlling

Ahter Öksüz

Ahter Öksüz

Member of the management board at PROMOS consult (CTM)

At PROMOS since: 1998

Field: product development

Dirk Krause, Head of Business Development und Partnermanagement

Dirk Krause

Member of the management at PROMOS consult

At PROMOS since: 2020

Field: business development and partner management


All software solutions are configured individually for every of our customers and are specific to the particular business process. They are based on modern standard software and innovative SAP® ERP-technology. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we are in a position to implement our customers’ wishes flexibly and inexpensively in a very short space of time. In close cooperation with the particular associate, our qualified and experienced consultants lead projects to success. Numerous references prove sustained trust expressed by customers of our services.

To the story

The roots of PROMOS go far back to the 1990s, when a department within the VEBA Group (today E.ON) developed new software for the real estate industry.
Jens Kramer was the head of this development department in Berlin, which frequently changed its name (LION, vebacom, o.tel.o).
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