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Outstanding performance and availability of our solutions is guaranteed by use of the latest technology and our employees' high level of qualifications. PROMOS has been SAP partner since more than twelve years and has embedded its service model consequently into the support structure of the enterprise and standard support versions of SAP. A three-step support concept guarantees that notifications from the customers can be processes from the PROMOS support as well as the SAP without media disruption.

Support portal

The OpenPromos® Unified Services (OPUS) are a portfolio of different service offers of the PROMOS consult. Those services can be called-up via a web-based interface (portal). The access to the support portal of PROMOS guarantees a direct connection to the service in every step of the project. In case you haven´t got an access to the support portal OPUS – OpenPromos® Unified Services – of PROMOS consult yet, you can always request access data from us. 

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Support portal OPUS

The OpenPromos® Unified Services (OPUS) are a portfolio of different service offers of the PROMOS consult. Those services can be called-up via a web-based interface (portal).
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Remote servicing

Offering you the best possible support in requests or problems might require accessing your computer via remote-servicing – of course only with your approval. We use the TeamViewer program, which ensures secure and encrypted access. If requested by a member of our support staff, please click on this download-button. TeamViewer QuickSupport does not need any installation or admin rights on your computer.

Please keep in mind that we can only offer you this service during working hours and by telephone agreement with our support staff. After completing the download (installation is not necessary), please start the program and inform the support about the 9-digit ID number and the 4-digit password. With the help of the ID number and the randomly generated password, our support staff will be able to see your display and control your computer. 
You can close the session at any time with a mouse click. 

Do you have a question?

Then you've come to the right place. We provide you with brief and concise information on regular customer concerns and answer frequently asked questions about our PROMOS support in our FAQs. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us online.
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Out of the approximately 6,000 incoming support tickets every year, there are some enquiries that we receive more frequently. You will find instant answers to these below.

I've forgotten my password. What can I do?
Please check with your internal IT department or your SAP user advisor first to see if they can activate your password.
I cannot perform an operation in SAP®. The error message says: “You do not have authorisation”. Can I get this from PROMOS support?
No, as PROMOS support we cannot grant you any authorisations. Please discuss this with your internal IT department or your user advisor to find out what procedure you need to follow to assign authorisations.
I am supposed to test a “transport”. What does that mean?

When processing your support ticket, we usually ask you to test a correction on the test system. This is normally stored in your SAP® logon with XY2 or XYT or XYQ.

Our PROMOS support team, which has been recognised by SAP as a Partner Center of Expertise, will be happy to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Do you want to know how you can access their extensive wealth of knowledge and what you should bear in mind? Find out here!

How do I know if I am authorised to take advantage of PROMOS support? Which users can submit support requests?
Please get in touch with your internal IT team. Your company may also have an SAP user advisor or an internal SAP helpline. Otherwise, you should ask a member of your in-house IT team.
During what business hours is PROMOS support available?

PROMOS support is available from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Exceptions are national holidays and 24 and 31 December.

What can I do if a problem occurs outside regular support hours?

Send us your request as a ticket via our support portal. This will ensure that your incident is dealt with as quickly as possible at the earliest opportunity.

What options do I have for submitting a support request?

To ensure fast processing, ideally you should send your enquiry via our support portal using the following link.

Are there any costs for me as a customer for PROMOS support?

There are no costs for normal support requests in the event of a fault. However, if the ticket is a request for advice, costs will be incurred. You can find the difference between advice and a support request in the attached PDF file for download.

What should I bear in mind when creating a ticket in the support portal?

In our checklist (download as PDF) you will find important tips for creating your ticket. Please also try to reproduce the error on the test system.

As a customer, you usually have two SAP® systems available:

  • XY0 is the live system.
  • XY2 is the test system.
Can I add attachments to my ticket, e.g. a screenshot?
Yes, this is possible without restriction on the number. Please keep the attachments compact!
How quickly can I expect a response to my support case?
You will receive an immediate confirmation of receipt of your ticket. The processing time varies depending on the issue. Our average response time is three days.
How do I check the status of my ticket? Can I also view the tickets of other users?

You can view the status of your ticket directly in our support portal. You can see all the tickets you have created yourself and their status under the “My tickets” tile. Under the “Edit and send messages” tile, you can also view and edit messages from all other users in your company.

  • “Sent to PROMOS”: The ticket has been received by PROMOS.
  • “Being processed”: The ticket is currently being processed. You can see who is currently processing the ticket.
  • “Action from the author”: PROMOS has a query about the ticket. A reply from the ticket author is required before the ticket can be processed further.
  • “Proposed solution”: PROMOS has developed a solution.

If the proposed solution meets your expectations, please acknowledge the ticket in the portal. After 45 days, the ticket is automatically confirmed. It is not possible to reopen the ticket.

Is there a limit to the number of support tickets that can be opened?
There is no limit to the number. In fact, we recommend that you create a separate ticket for each enquiry to ensure fast processing and optimum documentation.
How will I receive feedback on the processing of my ticket?

In the first instance, your enquiry will be processed and answered directly in the PROMOS support portal ticket. If there is a need for a direct exchange, this will be done by telephone. Remote maintenance, e.g. via Team Viewer, Teams or ZOOM, is only used if we are unable to reproduce the issue you have described.

What do I need to be aware of for remote maintenance, e.g. via Team Viewer?
Please speak to your IT department to find out whether it is permitted to establish a maintenance connection. There may be restrictions in this respect. If possible, your computer should be connected directly to the Internet (not via a VPN connection from your home office to your company, for example), as this slows down the connection.

Our support hotline  

0049-(0)30 24 31 17-610  

Monday until Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport:
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