The story of PROMOS

The roots of PROMOS go far back to the 1990s, when a department within the VEBA Group (today E.ON) developed new software for the real estate industry. Jens Kramer was the head of this development department in Berlin, which frequently changed its name (LION, vebacom,
The continuously growing team supervised customers in Berlin and Brandenburg, led projects and acted as consultants to professional users. The new software was installed on a computer especially purchased for that purpose. Every new computer was given its own name which was not allowed to have more than 8 characters. Since there were many enthusiastic mountain climbers on the team, it was not hard to choose the names: the first computer got its name from the 2194m mountain Promos located in the Carnic Alps in between Carinthia and Italy.
Promos Berg in den karnischen Alpen

Blaustein, Italian Promos “rock that glints bluish”. The Italian term PROMOS (also Promosio), that has obviously been common in German as well, due to diplomatic evidence 1785 PROMOS Spitz, occurs even in German-oral format Promás, from Friulian prâ(t) muès “dry, barren meadow”.

Even a coherence to the town name Muse (south to the mountain) could be possible (to Friulianmuse “soggy, shot through stones terrain”), something like the Friulian *prâ(t) mus(e)”stonily, soggy meadow” or Prât Muse “meadow belonging to the village Muse” (both ItalianisedPramosio).

(Source: University of Klagenfurt

In 1997/98 the software development of the real estate system was closed down. In order to be able to keep offering customers real estate solutions based on standard software, appropriate professional consulting and proper IT-services, the employees of the office in Berlin founded a new company in 1998.

Of course the name PROMOS was the very first choice!
PROMOS stands for PROject Management, Organisation and Service.

Since then the company has been growing continuously under its own steam, from 13 to 270 employees.

We are active all throughout Germany and keen to achieve even higher goals.

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