PROMOS goes green

Doing business sustainably and taking responsibility – we want to live up to this claim. We believe it is our duty to find not only technical solutions, but also social and ecological ones.

Facts and figures that we are proud of

We are aware of the environmental impact of our business operations and are convinced that we can gain valuable insights from our own sustainability activities. And because we know how important it is to leave behind a sustainable ecological and social footprint for the coming generations, it is particularly important to us to make the world a little bit better. We are already doing a very good job here in many areas. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on improving even further, and we are extremely proud of this.

Our vehicle fleet includes 14 company bicycles to reduce CO₂ content on the roads.
In order to combat increasing CO₂ levels, we prefer to use the train for trips.
Our digitisation strategy saves 365,000 sheets of paper per year.
More and more electric vehicles are joining our fleet as sustainable alternatives to conventional company cars.
We use only organic produce and support local farmers.
We switched to green power for our office in 2012.
Water dispensers and glass bottles keep our drink options plastic free.
The plants in our workplace grow in outer pots made from recycled IT hardware.
So far, we have supported seven social organisations with our “donate once, help twice” campaign.
Timer switches and motion sensors help us save electricity.
As a fair company, we are committed to supporting new talent.
As a member of the “success factor family” network, we promote a sustainable work-life balance.

Here’s how we take on social responsibility

In order to support and demonstrate social commitment, we train new talents and junior employees in the various areas of our company every year, promote equal opportunities and finance social organisations.

For our employees, we offer a wide range of in-house and external further training and support options, which they make ample use of. Our aim is not only to protect work-life balance, but also motivate our employees.

PROMOS makes full use of partnerships abroad to support the development of socially disadvantaged children and young people and improve their future prospects. This includes both improving the local living conditions and promoting education and training. We achieve this through child sponsorships in association with Plan International.

Our code of conduct

We stand for integrity, reliability, innovation, a focus on results and sustainability.

Internal transfer of knowledge and our employees’ health are just as important to us as equal treatment and fair working conditions, team spirit and sustainably and environmental protection. We have therefore documented our guiding principles in a code of conduct.

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