Data Centre

Data are, besides the actual property stock, potentially one of the most important competitive factors. On the one hand they´re the basis of intelligent examinations and on the other hand they give a lot of information towards all stakeholders. Besides the intelligent tool for a clear depiction of needed data, especially an efficient and a highly performant technology, which builds the basis for the data processing, are required. PROMOS offers the full range of the most modern data base systems and completes those with a user oriented consulting. Our high quality is proven regularly and independently through various certifications (e. g. PCoE via SAP® or IDW PS 951).

PROMOS Data Governance Tool

Mehr Qualität für Ihre Daten – Das PROMOS Data Governance Tool der PROMOS

easysquare Input & Output Management

Continuous document processing, from receipt to release

OpenPromos® File Service

Convenient access to your data

SAP® Security Optimisation Service

Reliable security of your SAP® systems

Optimisation SAP® Authorisation System

Intelligent authorisation concepts for your business

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