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Subject: ERP

PROMOS.GT ready2

The SAP® complete system out-of-the-box for the housing industry

An ERP system is connected to every company process. It is therefore very important to choose the right tool. If you are looking for a new, future-proof and integrated ERP system for professional real estate management and do not want lengthy projects with theoretical concept phases, then PROMOS.GT ready2 is the perfect solution – an ERP template out-of-the-box and ready-to-use.

Drawing on 25 years of experience in real estate management, PROMOS.GT ready2, which rapidly provides a template, or blueprint, as a preconfigured SAP® system, offers a predefined scope of solutions with standardised add-on options. From financial accounting, rent and deposit management through to mobile defect reporting – PROMOS.GT ready2 covers all key function modules that you need for real estate management.

One solution for everything

Extensive industry expertise and our many years with SAP® standard software make PROMOS.GT ready2 the ideal trailblazer for the digitisation of real estate business processes.


Predefined and tested for all company areas, the integrated ERP solution based on SAP® covers all the basic functionalities for technical and commercial real estate management. The functional scope can be flexibly extended at any time with various expansion packages. You dictate the speed of innovation.


PROMOS.GT ready2 not only bundles together functional modules in a standardised template, it also enables you to organise the ideal implementation strategy. A standardised project process in two implementation scenarios means rapid delivery in just a few weeks and productive use in 3–6 months.

A strong foundation

SAP® is too complex, too big, too expensive? We’ll make you think again! In PROMOS.GT ready2, you receive a preconfigured complete system and benefit from low implementation costs and flexible yet standardised expansion options thanks to the most innovative SAP® technology. High system stability and maintainability of the system landscape along with guaranteed maintenance for at least 20 years mean your investment is safe over the long term.

Highlights aus dem Real Estate Management Modulen in PROMOS.GT ready2

Figure 1: PROMOS.GT ready2 supports companies in the professional and efficient management of their real estate and helps them keep the focus on tenants. One highlight from the area of real estate management is the digital account report for property managers.

Highlights aus dem Finanzwesen in PROMOS.GT ready2

Figure 2: PROMOS.GT ready2 contains reliable solutions for financial management – from book-keeping and accounting through to controlling and governance. One highlight from the area of finance is the invoice receipt workflow for the digital processing of all transactions relating to incoming invoices.

Highlights aus dem Bereich Bau und Instandhaltung in PROMOS.GT ready2

Figure 3: PROMOS.GT ready2 offers intelligent features for the integrated management and maintenance of infrastructures over the entire project life cycle. One highlight from the area of facility & construction management is mobile defect reporting and its processing in the CRM ticket process.

Further information

Highlights from the solution scope:

Finance and Controlling

  • Invoice receipt workflow
  • Universal accounting interface
  • Electronic bank statement
  • and much more

Real Estate Management

  • Rent adjustments
  • Correspondence
  • Utility statement
  • Digital record for rental contract
  • and much more

Facility & Construction Management

  • Maintenance
  • Mobile defect reporting
  • Modernisation measures
  • Approval workflow
  • Insured losses
  • and much more

Your benefit

Time and cost saving: The system is preconfigured, pre-tested and documented, which can reduce the project duration and costs for the implementation project.

Flexibility: Despite the predefined functional scope, PROMOS.GT ready2 can be flexibly extended with various expansion packages and custom requirements.

High user acceptance: The quick contact with the application and the high degree of standardisation make it easier for new employees to become acquainted with the system.

Future compatibility: SAP®, as the technological base, ensures not only high system stability and maintainability but also secures your investment over the long term.

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End user

  • Real estate managers
  • Housing companies
  • Building and housing associations
  • Inventory managers
  • Private and communal housing providers
  • Commercial property managers

Technical requirements

  • SAP S/4HANA®

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