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The open solution library from PROMOS for all processes in the real estate industry

PROMOS.GT is a generic template for using SAP® in real estate and facility management. Solutions, which were created with a customer from the real estate and construction management, are summarised in PROMOS.GT as an open solution library. The template combines tried-and-tested applications and experiences from real estate related consulting since 1998. More than 80 percent of the content of typical projects is based on solutions that can be reused, which are available in PROMOS.GT.

The PROMOS.GT approach supports the creation of lasting solutions that are subsequently available for the future project in PROMOS.GT. The continuously growing solution library not only benefits new customers, but also customers that already use PROMOS.GT. The consultancy of PROMOS uses sophisticated work packages and leads projects to success at a high level of quality, on schedule and on budget. Furthermore, PROMOS regularly has the industry solutions certified by SAP®.

These following varieties are available:

  • Management of apartment complexes
  • Management of commercial properties and owner-occupations
  • Management of municipal properties
  • Maintenance / construction / facility management

Quick use of existing solutions with PROMOS.GT

Pre-built work packages, comprehensive industry knowledge as well as pre-defined solutions make PROMOS.GT a universal toolbox and complement SAP® as a market leader around the ERP systems ideally.

From the classic tenant account sheet in the housing industry, the project cockpit for budgeting and planning of construction and maintenance measures, to the integrated and structured electronic record management – the sample solution PROMOS.GT for the real estate industry supports all business processes of real estate life cycle management.

With the PROMOS.GT start screen the selection of functions is depicted role-based during the system entrance. That means: Whoever needs less functions only sees those few functions!
Real estate life cycle management

Further information

Modules in PROMOS.GT

  • The intelligent process controlling with easysquare workflow
  • Correspondence solution OPCC with Microsoft® Word integration
  • Deposit management
  • Utilities statement
  • easysquare Digital Record
  • Cash Management
  • Projekt Cockpit
  • Construction Account, Tendering and Awarding Tool
  • Fee calculation for architects and engineers
  • GAEB-interface
  • Interface for mobile processes by easysquare mobile
  • Interface for portfolio management and investments
  • Data transfer tools
  • And many more…

Your benefit

Time and cost savings: Pre-set processes create an overall understanding and make an instant first step into the specific project possible. This way the communication between consultants and users is simplified essentially.

Fast adaption: Required solutions are already available. Typical risks can be minimised from the start (best practice). With the use of the sample solution the project run time is shortened essentially, resources are spared

Minimisation of application barriers: Intelligent features support an intuitive guidance. The reduction of complex work surfaces supports the user while the typical SAP® surrounding maintains

Flexibility: The reference model can be used right away and adjusted individually.

End user

  • Real Estate Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • House care taker and janitor
  • Accounting, Controlling and Management

Technical requirements

  • SAP® real estate solution RE-FX

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