Facility & Construction Management

Keeping track of budget compliance at all times, only ever using the best suppliers for service contracts management for building management, or meeting complex insurance obligations in a structured an uncomplicated manner – this is just a small selection of the various possibilities that
we can put into practice for you with our customised solutions and functions. With our long-standing experience of the industry and excellent IT expertise, discover how we can successfully implement our solutions for you! No challenge is too big for us when it comes to you! 

Consulting Facility & Construction Management

The premium solution for your real estate

SAP Warehouse Management

We have something for you in store...

Maintenance Processing Optimisation

Your springboard for greater efficiency

PROMOS Maintenance Controlling

A faster view of what pays off

Central Purchasing

For a central solution in your SAP® system

PROMOS Master Data Management for Maintenance

Seamless mapping of your technical building equipment in SAP®

PROMOS Meter & Energy Management

Consumption at a glance

Managing in-house services

Successfully independent

easysquare craftsmen portal

Mobile order management with easysquare

easysquare Handwerkerportal

Mobile order management with easysquare

As a real estate company, you often rely on tradesmen to carry out services – be it minor maintenance work or major repairs. Fast order processing is essential here. We have thus developed the easysquare craftsmen portal for you – an easy-to-use platform that allows you to control communication with your external service providers and perform all order processing.

easysquare defect recording

Integrated and on site: Mobile defect recording with easysquare mobile

easysquare vacant apartment refurbishment

Make refurbishment decisions directly on site thanks to integrated cost calculation

easysquare solution for quality management and legal safety regulations (QMVKS)

Stay on top of your duties in accordance with legal safety regulations with easysquare

Mit der easysquare Verkehrssicherungslösung die Betreiberpflichten fest im Griff

Stay on top of your duties in accordance with legal safety regulations with easysquare

As a real estate owner, not only do you need to keep track of your financial KPIs; you also need to know the actual condition of your buildings. In addition to purely economic reasons, this is also a legal requirement. Owners are obligated to keep their properties in good condition to prevent defects for third parties. With easysquare solution for quality management and legal safety regulations, PROMOS provides a suitable solution for support.

easysquare mobile inventory recording

Maintain your data right where your property inventories are located

easysquare timekeeping

More time for the important things

PROMOS HOAI fee calculator

Fee calculation cleverly integrated in SAP®

PROMOS Project Cockpit

Successful completion of construction projects

Mit dem PROMOS Projektcockpit Bauprojekte erfolgreich in SAP managen

Successful completion of construction projects

Construction projects usually have a long-term horizon and a high degree of complexity, which makes targeted, well-organised project management essential. Precise planning, ongoing monitoring and accurate analysis and reporting are key aspects of construction project management. With the PROMOS project cockpit, we enable you perform all the necessary functions from a central screen.

PROMOS Construction Account

Construction project controlling made easy

PROMOS Budget Cockpit

Plans that you can build upon


Planned and target values in a nutshell

PROMOS Project Performance Levels

Record project progress quickly and efficiently

PROMOS Cost Forecast

Wave goodbye to your crystal ball!

PROMOS Defects & Warranty Follow-up

Ensure that your construction project does not become a problem

PROMOS Construction Account Portal

Flexible, secure online provision of construction account data

PROMOS fast entry tool for construction orders

Record data in a matter of seconds

PROMOS Verification of Construction Invoices

Good old money makes the world go round

PROMOS Construction Order Management

360 degree management of information from your construction contracts

PROMOS Retentions

The safe way to construction success

PROMOS Supplement Management

Make changes to contracts in an instant

OpenPromos® Service Notification

Order processing for Optimised maintenance

PROMOS Insurance Claim Management

All data in one place

PROMOS Maintenance Contract Management

Have you been waiting for a long time?

PROMOS Vendor Evaluation

Sound evaluation of your suppliers with PROMOS vendor evaluation

PROMOS GAEB90 Interface

The established interface for data exchange in GAEB90 format

PROMOS Framework Agreements

Long-term supplier relationships with framework agreements in SAP®

PROMOS Service Specifications

Service specifications upon which you can build

PROMOS Tender / Award / Settlement

Digital from end to end – the integrated SAP® solution for the online tender, award and settlement processes

PROMOS list of service entries

Release the services performed at the press of a button with the PROMOS list of service entries

PROMOS Developers / Privatisation

Manage the further development of your real estate portfolio in accordance with the law with the PROMOS developers / privatisation solution

PROMOS Workforce Management

The common thread for your resource planning – the holistic PROMOS Workforce Management System

easysquare Insurance Portal

Have claims checked directly by the insurance provider

PROMOS Inventory Cockpit

Everything in perfect order with the PROMOS Inventory Cockpit

PROMOS Vacancy Management

Make managing your vacant properties more convenient with PROMOS!

PROMOS Object Service Specifications

Plan services for a property in one tour? This is easy with the PROMOS Object Service Specifications

GAEB-XML Interface

Standardised data exchange with the GAEB-XML Interface

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