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SAP® Real Estate Cockpit

The real-time view of your portfolio

Modern real estate management requires the fast, efficient and targeted analysis of data relating to the real estate portfolios. This is the only way to keep track of whether targets are being achieved and if there are any deviations. In the past, regular analyses were often unsuccessful because access times for large quantities of data were long and the existing analysis tools were not really structured in a user friendly manner. However, using the fast and efficient in-memory technology from SAP HANA®, even complex data can now be analysed and modelled live immediately. The browser-based SAP® Real Estate Cockpit can individually analyse the available ERP data relating to master data, measurements, conditions and cash flows.

PROMOS enhances the standard content of the Cockpit based on the ERP data to include additional real estate knowledge. Using the Real Estate Cockpit Configurator, KPIs and functions are presented in a user-friendly manner. For example, real estate data can thus be combined with financial management KPIs and prepared for the functional area of the user in question. This means that each user group is provided with precisely the analyses that are relevant to them.

SAP Real Estate Cockpit für das Asset-, Property und Portfoliomanagement

Each area of a company has different requirements regarding the analysis of existing data. For example, the company management requires an overall view of its portfolios, whereas portfolio managers are only interested in the properties in their portfolio, and construction and engineering departments are more likely to call up analyses relating to maintenance topics. PROMOS allows you to perform analyses based on the specific purpose using dashboards customised for the target group. Here, the user can call up meaningful performance indicators as well as charts and diagrams. Using special tools such as filters, hierarchies and map views, the analyses can also be examined in greater detail.

Thanks to many years of experience in the real estate industry, PROMOS can advise you on an individual basis with regard to the presentation of KPIs and their modulation in the SAP® Real Estate Cockpit. Individual adjustments tailored to your company can be made at any time, providing you with fast data analysis for informed decisions.

Erstellung von Views mit dem SAP HANA® Studio, Beispiel eines Views mit Flächen-Kennzahlen

Preparation of views using SAP HANA® Studio, such as a view with surface area KPIs

Mit dem Real Estate Cockpit Configurator lassen sich Kennzahlen mit Hilfe einfacher Berechnungen definieren, Beispiel Durchschnittswert je Mietobjekt
The Real Estate Cockpit Configurator allows you to define KPIs using simple calculations, for example the average for each rental object
Im Real Estate Cockpit Configurator werden anhand vorgefertigter Styles die Formate der Komponenten bestimmt
The formats of the components are defined in the Real Estate Cockpit Configurator using pre-configured styles
Im Real Estate Cockpit Configurator werden die Darstellung und Zusatzinformationen für die Objekte Karten-Layer definiert
The Real Estate Cockpit Configurator defines the presentation and additional information for the map layer of the properties.
Im Bearbeitungsmodus des Real Estate Cockpit lassen sich die Komponenten in Dashboards ziehen, ausrichten und von der Größe anpassen
In the editing mode of the Real Estate Cockpit, you can move the components to dashboards, adjust them and change their size
Beispiel eines Dashboards für die Rolle Unternehmenssteuerung im Real Estate Cockpit
Example of a dashboard for the company management role
Beispiel eines Dashboards für die Rolle Asset Management im Real Estate Cockpit
Example of a dashboard for the asset management role
Beispiel einer Detailansicht im Full Screen Mode der Komponente Mieteinnahmen im Real Estate Cockpit
Example of a detailed view in full-screen mode for the rental income component
Mobile Nutzung des Real Estate Cockpit auf dem iPad, Beispiel eines Dashboards für die Rolle Property Management
Mobile use of the Real Estate Cockpit on the iPad; example of a dashboard for the property management role

Your benefit

Specific to the target group: Depending on the user group, the SAP® Real Estate Cockpit is used to analyse the precise data required for the specific field of activity in question. This focus on only the essential data increases acceptance on the part of the user.

Speed: Thanks to the new SAP HANA® in-memory technology, even large data volumes can be analysed immediately live.

Usability: The SAP® Real Estate Cockpit is a convincing proposition due to its user-friendly setup, which allows analyses to be performed at the press of a button.

Clear presentation: Analyses are presented using diagrams, charts and maps, which makes it easier to find the essential core information.

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End user

  • Management
  • Portfolio manager
  • Asset and property manager

Technical requirements

  • SAP HANA® Data Base
  • SAP HANA® Live for SAP Business Suite
  • SAP HANA® Extended Application Services (SAP HANA® XS Server)
  • Browser with HTML 5 Support (Google Chrome is recommended)

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