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Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Insurance Portal

Have claims checked directly by the insurance provider

Has one of your tenants reported water damage in one of your buildings? In this case, the complete process chain is triggered – from receipt of the report and commissioning of a craftsman, to sending information to the insurance company and, finally, payment of the damage. To allow you to process insurance cases as cost effectively as possible and avoid redundant data inventories, PROMOS has developed the web-based insurance portal.

The portal allows external users without SAP® access, such as insurance brokers, to access the same data inventories that are stored in your SAP® system in order to view and check claims accordingly. This accelerates the process considerably, and all those involved use the same data pool.

The PROMOS insurance portal allows external parties without SAP® access to view and check insurance claims and invoices. The functional scope covers the following services:

  • Transfer of the insurance reports and invoices from SAP® ERP
  • Insurance claim lists and invoice lists with individual selection variants and list functions
  • Option to download and upload attachments to insurance claims and invoices
  • Possibility to set the status for individual or multiple (mass maintenance) claims or invoices with comment texts that are transferred to SAP®
  • Maintenance of external numbers (e.g., insurance policy numbers), contact data, for example for experts, and texts (notes).
  • CSV export of invoice lists and claim lists
  • Analysis of insurance claims in accordance with the insurance claim list in the PROMOS Insurance Module
PROMOS Versicherungsportal: Listübersicht Rechnungen
PROMOS Insurance Portal: list overview of invoices

Further information

  • Analyses: The portal provides the ideal option for subsequent analyses of insurance claims.
  • Additional function: To ensure fast and easy communication between the parties involved, the PROMOS insurance portal provides a chat function for each insurance claim.

Your benefit

Division of work: Outsourcing data maintenance and inspection of the insurance claims and invoices to external parties, such as insurance brokers, reduces errors and allows you to benefit from an efficient division of the work.

Process acceleration: Digital data exchange and direct transmission of the invoices allow faster and more cost effective handling of the entire process.

Simplified coordination processes: The PROMOS Insurance Portal provides convenient additional functions, such as the chat function, to simplify the direct coordination process between the involved parties. This allows you to keep track of the status of your insurance claims at all times!

End user

  • Estate agents
  • Insurance providers

Technical requirements

  • Client on Portal Server (PP0)
  • SAP®

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