Portfolio No.: 9303-03
Subject: Construction

PROMOS Construction Order Management

360 degree management of information from your construction contracts

Handling construction projects also involves managing architect and construction contracts. These contracts have specific characteristics that are primarily derived from statutory regulations.

The aim of PROMOS construction order management is to map such orders completely in SAP®. Here, you define which fields you require for recording the data. It is possible to jump from construction order management to other transactions and, at the same time, the data recorded there is also available in other areas of your SAP® system. From recording the architects responsible for the construction order to storing supporting documentation and preparing correspondence, PROMOS construction order management covers all conceivable functions.

With PROMOS construction order management, all subareas of a construction order can be mapped conveniently. The structure featuring clearly displayed tabs makes operation more user friendly.

The “General data” dialog can be used to record construction-specific characteristics beyond the standard information, such as tender information. For construction support contracts, it is also possible to indicate the covered work phases in accordance with HOAI as well as the fee type.

Links to other orders can be maintained for the construction order. If a construction order is linked to the corresponding engineer or architect contracts, it is possible to see which architect is monitoring which construction contract, for example. It is also possible to assign suppliers to the contract.

First and foremost, successful construction management requires targeted monitoring of the defined schedule. The PROMOS tool thus allows you to record schedules; for example for acceptance as well as intermediate inspections and final inspections of the trades. The performance levels to be achieved in accordance with the dates can also be stored, making accurate monitoring easier. It is possible to synchronise these dates via the SAP® calendar so that notifications regarding dates are provided automatically.

Using various tabs, supporting documentation, certificates, guarantees of payment, retentions and supplements can be recorded and performance categories selected.

Construction order management is integrated into the SAP® order processing functions, which means that you can call the additional tab / functions from the purchase order and switch to the purchase order from the order screens. It is also possible to generate correspondence.

Bauauftragsabwicklung: SAP Dialog zur Erfassung von Terminen
Dialogue for recording dates
Bauauftragsabwicklung: Dialog zur Erfassung von Bürgschaften
Dialogue for recording guarantees of payment

Further information

  • Tabs and functions: If required, tabs and fields that are not required can be hidden for specific customers.
  • Catalogues: Catalogues can be set up for dates, supporting documents or the like.
  • Correspondence: Functions are available for delivering correspondence, so that customer-specific correspondence can be prepared.

Your benefit

A holistic approach: Using PROMOS construction order management, existing information can be mapped in construction contracts, unlike in the standard SAP® system.

Easier deadline monitoring: Maintaining dates and the corresponding performance levels as well as appropriate integration into the SAP® calendar makes it significantly easier to monitor interim results.

Customisation: Additional functions can be implemented or existing fields hidden in accordance with your company-specific requirements.

End user

  • Construction management
  • Purchasing

Technical requirements

  • SAP® MM
  • PROMOS Supplement Management

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