Clever commercial property rentals with easysquare

Long marketing channels are unnecessary. With the new product for commercial rentals, easysquare has yet another efficiency-boosting item in its portfolio. Communication with estate agents and the rental process for commercial units are now unbeatably easy and effective.
Clevere Vermietung von Gewerbeimmobilien mit easysquare

With easysquare, real estate business processes can be drastically simplified via apps and online portals. This now also applies to commercial properties. With the efficient digital solution, communication with estate agents and the rental process for commercial units can be raised to a new level of effectiveness. In contrast to “classic” rentals, the rental of commercial properties involves special requirements.

The digital all-round solution from easysquare therefore includes the following functions:

  1. Definition of a rental strategy as a benchmark for the economic evaluation of offers, transfer of rental properties to the portal either manually or via the SAP® interface
  2. Individual approach of estate agents or contact groups as well as provision of exposés
  3. Stacking plan for an overall view of the building and everything at a glance: activity feed, clear comparison view for offers, fact sheet for the final offer


Real estate master data

A database of master data can be found in the “Real Estate” service. Here, data on buildings and on the respective rental units can be maintained and linked to each other. All data on the commercial properties is always kept up-to-date via import or interface. You can determine which data is transferred or define your own mapping catalogues. Of course, all data available in the portal can also be changed and expanded. You can save photos of the buildings and rental units or add notes. If we do not install an interface, the landlord can easily import data by uploading it to the portal.

It is also possible to display the buildings in a stacking plan, which shows a graphic of the the building on a floor-by-floor basis and indicates the respective rental contract terms or vacancies in different colours. To avoid visual clutter, various information can be displayed in a mouseover for each unit according to your specifications.

Vermietung von Gewerbeimmobilien mit den Apps von easysquare

Figure 1: Direct access – the landlord’s home page clearly shows all services and processes (left). The rental mandate can be used to combine several rental units into a “package” (centre). Edit accounting entities – data on rental units can be entered and added quickly and easily (right).


The rental of commercial or storage properties requires a special type of marketing and is characterised by frequent consultations between potential tenants, estate agents and providers. Especially in commercial rentals, leases are highly individual and are negotiated between the parties. We focused on precisely these characteristics when developing the portal.

Rental units can thus be linked to each other, even across buildings. To meet corporate strategic requirements, individual processes and forms can be mapped to the bundled rental units so that strategic decisions are recorded in the portal. Other individual characteristics, documents or forms and photos can also be added to the rental units. What’s more, the product has been developed for both domestic and international properties, taking into account the respective units of measurement and currencies. It is also possible to store target conditions, which can then be compared with subsequent offers via graphics in the portal.

Market approach

If the respective rental units have been linked, strategies or target conditions have been stored and the rental units have been prepared with photos and descriptive texts for marketing purposes, these units will now be made accessible to third parties for marketing. You can use easysquare’s own portal for this or all common portals such as ImmoScout, Immowelt, etc. Both exclusive and open mandates can thus be mapped with the portal. Properties can either be made generally accessible or assigned to specific contacts.

Any incoming offers and deals can be checked and then analysed and compared according to specific key performance indicators. If consultations between the parties are required, they can coordinate via a chat relating to the respective rental units in the portal.

Furthermore, the current status can be viewed at any time using the status display, and all activities can be viewed via the activity feed. If a suitable offer is available and all questions have been settled, the final deal can be viewed and exported as a fact sheet in a separate form.

Portal for external service providers or estate agents

The easysquare portal for external service providers and estate agents is directly linked to the platform for the landlord. Users can call up all available properties in the portal along with all important information and documents before submitting corresponding offers. Exposés can also be accessed and downloaded directly from the portal. Thanks to the automatically updated status display, users can track the status of the offer at any time. As the landlord, you can conduct any necessary consultations directly via the integrated chat. E-mail or push notifications are also possible.

The portal is designed for the global market, with the offered properties and platform displayed either in German or English depending on the user country code. Furthermore, the respective forms can be translated into virtually all languages via an integrated DeepL tool.

External service providers and estate agents can also display the stacking plan for each building. The stacking plan for external parties can be developed separately to omit certain information.


To bundle access to all business contacts including relevant information and contact data, the portal offers the option of importing a contact database or creating contacts manually at any time. These contacts can also be grouped together, for example, to combine international and national estate agents. As part of the market approach, it is then also possible to directly assign properties to entire groups, as in the case of open mandates.

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On request, the digital commercial rentals can be expanded with the easysquare app tool kit and additional functions. These include an interface for SCHUFA credit score information, virtual 360° tours, the appointment booking function or a reporting function including diagrams, graphical displays, courses of deals and much more.

It is also possible to implement a bulletin board with a definition of those who should be able to see these entries. A target-group-specific approach to contacts or groups is therefore possible, and internal information can also be shared with colleagues. In addition, a graphic carousel can be inserted at the top of the portal to draw attention to specific properties or projects. The carousel thus represents a kind of advertising banner that can be individually designed.


Users of all kinds will notice the significant simplification and process acceleration. Each person involved in the process always has access to the information relevant to them. An overview of the various process statuses is always available, and the automated processes greatly reduce the error rate. The simplified communication – continuous consultations are possible via chat – also contributes to its effectiveness. Post-processing tasks and documentation are no longer necessary. The cost savings and simultaneous quality assurance thus make the digital commercial rental app a real efficiency booster!


Daniel Dierich

Daniel Dierich

Director Product Management / White-Label-Apps

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