Five good reasons for automating potential tenant management with easysquare

No more mountains of paper in the service centre, no more sensitive data in e-mail accounts and no more outdated mass viewings – the easysquare potential tenant app makes the rental process simple, modern and unbeatably effective.

According to estimates, doing away with paper correspondence and multiple viewing appointments may generate time savings of between 50% and 70%, thus reducing costs significantly. At the same time, an online all-round service corresponds to today’s customer behaviour and communications. The digital approach to rentals is thus worthwhile.

Here are five good reasons for implementing the easysquare potential tenant app:

1. Self-service that impresses

The easysquare potential tenant app offers potential tenants the opportunity to search among all the housing company’s available units and send enquiries about specific listings to the company. The potential tenant is guided through the process via a request form. This form directly displays all information on the respective property, including photos, costs, furnishing and documents such as the exposé, floor plan and energy certificate. Potential tenants can set up their own profiles and upload documents related to the rental agreement ahead of time.

With the ultimate option in line with modern communication behaviour, the potential tenant is offered continuous accessibility with the ability to book, cancel or change viewing appointments in the request form. If there is no suitable appointment, the potential tenant can even define preferred dates so that the landlord is informed of which dates will work.

easysquare Interessenten-App mit Übersicht sämtlicher Dienste und Services sowie Anfrageformular zur Terminbuchung

Figure 1: Everything at a glance – the clearly structured service overview in the easysquare potential tenant app (left). All-round service at any time – all important information is bundled in the enquiry form, and appointments can be arranged directly (right).

Potential tenants can also give feedback directly in the form and express their particular interest in a free text field. The app not only allows potential tenants to search for suitable rental objects, but also to save the search criteria and receive notifications when new listings for corresponding rental properties go online. Potential tenants can enquire about vacant rental properties and always stay up to date thanks to automated customer communication in the landlord app.

2. Networking simplifies rentals

With the connection of landlords and potential tenants on the easysquare platform, the parties can communicate seamlessly in the app. This helps avoid media discontinuity in Outlook and constant back-and-forth phone calls to arrange a viewing appointment. Unnecessary queries are also significantly reduced.

The “Potential Tenants” service contains the potential tenant data (personal data) and the requests assigned to the potential tenant with many useful functions. These include the quick search for people and their assigned requests (“show people who are looking for a 2-room apartment in a certain city district”) or the search for available properties that should match a potential tenant’s specific request (“show all apartments that match the request from Mr Smith”).

Until the time of the binding reservation and the associated subsequent creation of a business partner and rental agreement in SAP®, the potential tenant’s data is only stored on the easysquare platform. Thanks to the fully automated and all-encompassing SAP® interface, all data on the potential tenant, the unit and the offer is automatically transferred to the SAP® system, thus eliminating the need for further additional entries. Multiple search criteria (requests) can be created for a potential tenant, e.g. “2–3 room apartment in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, ground floor only” and “parking space in Berlin-Charlottenburg”. When saving a potential tenant, a check is performed on the previously created potential tenants using the last name and first name. If the check for duplicates is positive, all the potential tenants found are displayed. Every contact for a potential tenant can be entered under “Customer Contact”. If another employee is responsible for the potential tenant’s request, the responsible employee can be stored and will then receive a message in the “Worklist” service regarding the customer contact for this potential tenant. This intelligent networking saves your employees valuable time.

3. Potential tenants become tenants

With no registration required, the tenant app in connection with the potential tenant app offers the opportunity to search among all the company’s available units and send enquiries about specific listings to the company. Potential tenants can set up their own profiles and upload documents related to the rental agreement ahead of time. With the connection of landlords and potential tenants on the easysquare platform, the parties can communicate seamlessly in the tenant app and within the rental solution via the messaging function and the “Online Requests” service. When potential tenants become actual tenants, they can seamlessly start to use the tenant services such as “Contracts”, “Defect Report” and “Service”.

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4. One step ahead in data protection

Data protection regulations are getting tighter and require a great deal of effort from real estate companies. The potential tenant app can help avoid cumbersome hurdles here, too. Even very good processes reach their limits. On the current rental market, where up to 1,000 applications in all forms are often submitted for one apartment, the selection process is not only extremely time-consuming and costly. It is almost impossible to deal with the flood of data correctly and securely in compliance with the new regulations. Some people looking for housing submit their application documents to three different service centres. Others send their proof of income, together with a copy of their identity card, by e-mail without being asked. Data that has been “stored” in e-mail inboxes for months or even years – probably forgotten about and no longer needed – can now be extremely costly for housing companies.

The potential tenant app enables housing and property management companies to save a great deal of time, as users manage their own documents at the touch of a button. Users also decide which data the company can view and when the data should be deleted. Potential tenants can enter and edit all their data in the “My Data” service. In particular, it is possible to upload documents of relevance to the rental contract which require potential tenants to explicitly grant the company access. This approach thus constitutes all-round smart handling of sensitive data.

5. Individually expandable

The expansion of the app with modern functions, such as the 360° tours or the interface integrating SCHUFA credit score information, make the application highly attractive and reinforce the public image of an innovative housing company with vision. The virtual viewings are an absolute win-win situation for both sides. The time-consuming communication and appointment-making with the landlord or administrator for a viewing are a thing of the past. You can click through the property at any time and feel as though you are really there. The rental process is also far more efficient for administrators: no coordination of mass or individual viewings and no endless communication loops. Instead, they get tailor-made modern real estate management.

Besichtigungsmodus im 360°-Rundgang der easysquare Interessenten-App

Figure 2: Feeling you are there from the comfort of your own sofa – viewing mode in the potential tenant app.


The advantages of using the potential tenant app are quite clear. Transferring self-service tasks to potential tenants saves resources and leads to quantifiable process improvements. The same effect is achieved by the networking of all participants and the option of seamlessly linking with other services. Transparency and traceable process sequences create trust with potential tenants, and repeated enquiries are no longer necessary. Media discontinuity from communication across different channels such as phone, e-mail or letters now becomes a thing of the past. This saves valuable time and relieves the burden on employees. The proverbial smart digital solution is the all-round package for innovative and efficient potential tenant management.


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