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easysquare mobile

Control and link up mobile processes

Mobile processes and their integration into the overall process are currently the focus of important economic considerations of many businesses. The main goal is to shorten processes and increase their quality, to involve different participants in procedures and digitalise manual tasks. Especially the quality enhancement owning to decisions, which can be made directly on site and the digitilisation of paper-based tasks lead to clear competitive advantages for the companies.

With easysquare mobile PROMOS offers you a unique networking solution for your mobile processes in professional real estate management. On-site-inspections, search for interested parties, registration of defects, safety precautions, craftsman services as well as numerous other functions and processes are supported by easysquare mobile. The easysquare platform can be used to easily and efficiently structure communication with all those involved. The easysquare platform can be accessed via conventional devices – with the native easysquare mobile app for iPhone/iPad and with the easysquare mobile WebApp for computer and smartphone.

Die easysquare mobile App für iPhone/iPad oder Android und Tablet

Connecting elements of the networking solution are digital forms. With numerous, already deposited sample forms a handover of residential properties, registration of defects and much more can be performed directly on site with mobile devices. The following features offer a crucial added value towards classic paper forms

Master data acquisition with a finger tip

Important master data, such as property addresses or tenant data, can easily be uploaded to the app using the Serial Procedure application and copied to the forms. That way unplanned mobile processes can be executed on site relatively quickly.

Precise documentation with the easysquare photo functio

Easysquare mobile allows the user to include photos to the particular form with a photo function. One real highlight is the photo editor, which can be used to add markings on photos.

Signature in digital forms

Signatures are made in the form directly and trigger a sheet protection, which makes the form unchangeable. If subsequent modifications are necessary, the signature can be deleted and replaced. The history function documents the deletion. An optional geo-referencing can identify the location where the signature was made.

ERP integration

Easysquare mobile can easily and quickly be linked to your ERP system. With easysquare workflow a ready-to-use add-on for a smooth embedding of the easysquare platform into the SAP system exists. That way a holistic process editing without any media disruptions is possible and inventory data can be maintained comfortably on site.

Musterformulare in der easysquare mobile App
Sample forms of the easysquare mobile app

Further information

  • Routing: The map-display allows a quick routing between particular real estates.
  • Catalog selection: When entering forms it can be selected from deposited catalogs to avoid long typing!
  • Individual sample forms: The digital forms of the easysquare mobile app can be adjusted easily and quickly to your individual corporate design!
  • PDF generation: With only a few clicks you can generate a ODF file from the app, which you can save locally, print or send to interested parties or other users.
  • Archive: The forms can be file in the easysquare platform-archive and later browsed through with a search function.

Your benefit

Paperless processes: Thanks to the paperless acquisition with the mobile device paper forms with many copies become needless.

One platform for all: easysquare mobile integrates all those involved in the professional real estate management for an optimal communication.

Flexibility: The digital forms can be adjusted to your specific processes.

Time savings: Thanks to a seamless communication manual interfaces are reduced, which leads to great time savings.

Omnitude: All thinkable scenarios in the real estate management can be simplified drastically, like a change of tenants, safety precautions, time capture, building acceptance, winter services, management of appointments and minor repairs linked to the craftsmen portal, vacancy restoration etc.

Video clip

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easysquare Funktionen: Alle Details im Überblick
Easysquare ist eine einzigartige Vernetzungslösung für Ihre mobilen Prozesse, mit der Sie die Kommunikation mit allen Beteiligten rund um das professionelle Immobilienmanagement auf der easysquare Plattform einfach und effektiv gestalten können. Objektbetreuung, Wohnungsabnahme oder Verkehrssicherung – mit easysquare lassen sich Ihre mobilen Prozesse komfortabel durchführen, und mit Ihren Kunden-, Interessenten- und Dienstleistungsportalen vernetzen. Die easysquare Dienste können in die zentralen Prozesse Ihres ERP-Systems integriert werden. Mit handelsüblichen Geräten können Sie die vollen Funktionen der Lösung nutzen – mit der nativen easysquare mobile App für iOS oder der WebApp für PC und Smartphone.

End user

  • Object manager
  • Caretaker
  • Craftsman

Technical requirements

  • easysquare mobile App 1.0
  • with SAP® integration: linkage between SAP® systems and the easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and data transfer via OpenPromos® Supply Link
  • with Non-SAP® integration: linkage between Non-SAP® systems and the easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and via the easysquare REST API

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