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PROMOS migration tests for RE-FX

Migrate from RE Classic to RE-FX successfully and without errors with the PROMOS migration tests

Before a migration from SAP® RE Classic to SAP® RE-FX, all master data errors and in-consistencies in old data inventories need to be cleaned up, as these could prevent a suc-cessful migration. For this purpose, the standard SAP migration tool (transaction REMICL) performs an analysis of the old data inventories as the first step, but saves all other checks until the end of the migration in order to use RE-FX plausibility checks for the RE-FX data inventory transferred. The disadvantage of this procedure is that errors have to be corrected in both RE-FX and RE Classic, and a repeat of the test migration may even be necessary.

Developed in house, the PROMOS migration test checks the data available in the SAP® system in RE Classic for potential inconsistencies before a migration from RE Classic to RE-FX. Without this kind of check, the migration processes will be terminated in the event of inconsistent data. The data would then have to be processed manually and the migration restarted.

To reduce the migration workload and also increase the data quality, it makes sense to de-termine all the master data errors and inconsistencies before a migration as far as possible and streamline them in the old data inventory under RE Classic. Based on the experiences made in various migration projects, PROMOS has developed the following pre-migration tests that can be performed and repeated at any time regardless of whether a migration is to take place or not:

In the area of controlling

  • Profit centre

In the area of RE master data

  • Rental units
  • Overall: rent index (buildings and rental units)
  • Overall: rent index (customising tables)
  • Overall: availability

In the area of real estate contracts

  • Comparison between availability of rental unit and contract term
  • Start of conditions does not correspond to start of contract
  • Termination scheme missing
  • Assessment contracts without a rental object

In the area of settlement units

  • Terminating settlement units
  • Settlement unit without participation ID

In the area of heating stations

  • Incorrect service charge key for credit-side settlement unit
  • Deleted settlement unit or settlement unit with deletion flag in the heating station

In the area of business partners

  • Date of birth or death in the future
  • Bank details with special characters
  • Multiple bank details, partner bank type incorrect
  • Business partner allocated but with deletion flag
  • Business partners – various plausibility checks
PROMOS Migrationsprüfungen im Überblick
An overview of PROMOS migration tests

Further information

  • Regular data cleanup: The errors and inconsistencies detected have to be corrected in the master data under RE Classic. We therefore recommend that you perform these checks and make the subsequent master data corrections regularly in order to improve the quality of the data inventory.

Your benefit

Early correction of errors: Thanks to the regular use of the PROMOS migration test pro-grams, many master data errors and inconsistencies can be detected at an early stage – regardless of the time of migration to RE-FX, in fact.

Successful data migration: Correcting the master data not only leads to increased data quality, but is also an important prerequisite for successful migration to RE-FX.

End user

  • RE master data department

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE Classic

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