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You’re ready for a demanding task and would like to develop innovative software for our customers’ digital transformation processes? We are looking for employees who are passionate about their ideas, always looking ahead to the future and open to new challenges. You will be supported by your own personal mentor and many dedicated colleagues.

No challenge, no fun!

For you, the real fun starts where other people see only challenges? We might have just the right projects for you. Challenge accepted?

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As an SAP developer at PROMOS, your analytical brain and innovative thinking are in demand. In close collaboration with the customer and our consultants, you will not only further develop our own individual products but also actively take part in new development.

You will analyse the business processes and precisely understand the problems and needs of our customers in order to implement their expectations to their highest satisfaction. You will develop new system components and applications based on SAP, make customer-specific adjustments to SAP solutions and further refine our own SAP products. At our company, you can also hold your own internal training sessions to pass on your multidisciplinary knowledge on SAP technologies and tools.

In contrast to our SAP consultants, you will rarely have to travel. However, you will also actively work with our consultants on customer projects, so you will occasionally be involved in on-site meetings at the customer’s facilities. The close collaboration between our customers, our consultants and our SAP developers makes working at PROMOS exciting and diverse.

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Your path to PROMOS

There is no one specific degree programme you must have completed in order to qualify to work as an SAP developer. However, you should ideally have an IT and business background. You should certainly exhibit strong analytical thinking and quick comprehension skills. The latter will be particularly important when it comes to adjusting to new sets of problems. That’s why you should definitely enjoy conducting research and bring a certain amount of patience; after all, not all challenges can be solved immediately. However, we also have a number of colleagues who started out in different fields and have since deepened their knowledge. An understanding of databases and a good feeling for technology are more important to us.

Other useful skills:

  • You have good comprehension skills and enjoy learning new things.
  • When problems arise, you keep a cool head and work in a structured manner.
  • You enjoy working in a team and value team cohesion.
  • You have a good feeling for technology and numbers.

Every day, a developer is confronted with new, unforeseeable problems that must be solved. The biggest challenge, therefore, is to face these problems head-on and find a solution.

As a team member, you should work first and foremost in a team-oriented manner. In doing so, it is important to not be afraid of “stupid questions”. On the contrary, a perfect team member poses critical questions but is just as open for “stupid” ones. It is also important that you are not scared of new challenges – every day brings new challenges requiring innovative solutions. We can tackle these together.

To create the ideal foundation for your individual career planning at PROMOS, we work with our market-standard career model. The classification is transparent and binding, based on qualitative and quantitative competence criteria. We support you with various measures to develop your potential and reach the next level of your career.
More information about our career model

You can prove many years of work experience? Great, we highly value your professional experience. You can put your strengths to good use at PROMOS and support your younger colleagues in expanding their knowledge. Furthermore, you can build on your experience and develop further with us.

You have no job experience? No problem! We will help develop your expertise with our training and mentor program.

Our goal is to be a modern employer that makes its employees happy and responds to their needs. To implement this goal, PROMOS offers remote work opportunities, flexible working hours and 30 days of annual leave.

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