Portfolio No.: 9306-04
Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS list of service entries

Release the services performed at the press of a button with the PROMOS list of service entries

During a property’s lifetime, countless measures are necessary to properly maintain your objects. From regular maintenance measures to extensive repairs – the list of services that you usually outsource to external service providers can be long.

The services performed by a supplier – both for scheduled and unscheduled work – are then entered in the service entry sheet with a reference to the purchase order. In order to present an at-a-glance overview of all service entries and allow you to jump to various processing steps, such as the release, PROMOS provides the list of service entries, which you will not find in this form in the SAP® standard software.

The PROMOS overview of service entries is an ALV list that you can use to evaluate and directly release service entry sheets.

The following special features stand out from the SAP® standard lists:

You can select service entries via the functional location, the report, the order, the order type or the order creator. Various displays are also available to you, such as the display of the above fields and other data from the PM order / the report, the display of the order value and the absolute / relative difference between the order value and the service entry sheet value, the display of the number of attachments, which enables you to call the attachment directly, and the display of which user released the service entry sheet at what time using which release code.

In addition, you can release the service entry sheets in bulk and, if you use the easysquare craftsmen portal, also reject service entry sheets or delete them with a justification.

Selektionsbildschirm in der PROMOS Listbearbeitung Leistungserfassungen
Selection screen
ALV-Liste mit Freigabedialog
AV list with release dialogue

Your benefit

Data integration: The service entry sheets from the MM SAP® module are integrated into the PM module, allowing you to benefit from comprehensive data storage.

Diversity: The list processing for the service entries provides you with many simple selection options.

Transparency: As well as the clear presentation of all service entries, you are also provided with additional information regarding the services in various different displays.

End user

  • Maintenance technicians

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