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Subject: Construction

GAEB-XML Interface

Standardised data exchange with the GAEB-XML Interface

GAEB maps the tender process between the ordering party (be it a public entity or a planning company) and the contractor electronically and without paper. PROMOS provides a GAEB interface in SAP® that can be used to import and export GAEB files for exchanging service descriptions with quantities and prices between those involved in the construction and to read in the GAEB service specification as a new SAP® service specification. This allows you to process documents with structured service specifications. In SAP®, service specifications with a specific structure are crucial and these are processed in connection with documents from logistics PM/CS or MM modules), orders, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, sample service specifications, enquiries / offers and contracts in vendor business transactions.

The application is run in the dialogue in SAP®. For the entire functional scope, including preparation of the “messy” GAEB files resulting from processing with various external tender programs, you will need to install the wingaebxml parser from Schnittstelle BAU.

Export: The export process from SAP® is performed in GAEB-XML format, which corresponds to the current market standard and most closely matches the service specification structures of the relevant SAP® documents; for example, because there is no length restriction in the header texts in documents and document items and it is possible to map the document items in the GAEB classification structure, use alphanumeric ordinal numbers and jump to classification structures.

The following exchange phases are taken into account: X81 Service description / X82 Cost approach / X83 Invitation to tender / X84 Submission of tender / X86 Order placement / X31 Quantity calculation.

Data exchange: The data exchange using the GAEB standard is based on various formats that have been continuously developed over the past few years. PROMOS supports the following GAEB versions:

  • GAEB DA XML: GAEB DA XML V3.1 is assumed to be the version that is commonplace on the market. This is currently the preferred GAEB version for importing GAEB service specifications into SAP®. The long-awaited GAEB DA XML V3.2 still needs to prove itself on the market and will be supported in future versions.
  • GAEB 90: As well as GAEB DA XML V 3.1, the “old” GAEB 90 interface is still widely used. Due to restrictions in the formatting, the field lengths (contractual regulations / header texts) and the ordinal numbers, the GAEB DA XML interface is inferior, but is tolerated as an import format, albeit with some limitations.
  • GAEB 2000: GAEB 2000 is considered to be an “unsuccessful” format on the market and is not supported by the PROMOS and Schnittstelle BAU GAEB interface.

Import: When you import GAEB files into the SAP® system, the wingaebxml parser from Schnittstelle BAU, which has been successfully tested on the market, is called in the background. This cleans up “messy” files and reduces information that is not relevant for SAP®. This ensures a high level of security for a successful import.

PROMOS GAEB-Schnittstelle Import / Export
GAEB interface: import / export
Protokoll und Erfolgsmeldung nach Import via PROMOS GAEB Schnittstelle
Log and success notification
Strukturiertes SAP® Angebot nach X84 Import mit der PROMOS GAEB Schnittstelle
Structured SAP® quotation following X84 import
Schema zur GAEB XML-Integration mit SAP® ERP
GAEB-XML integration with SAP® ERP

Further information

The following features are supported:

  • Import of GAEB 90 and GAEB XML files; the GAEB-LV structure is retained for export as a GAEB file after import into SAP® and further processing in SAP® as an enquiry or order although the GAEB and SAP® classification systems are different
  • Line types (supplementary line, contingency line, blanket lines)
  • Import and export of prefix and suffix texts, whereby the internal GAEB indicator is retained
  • Item text
  • Bidder text supplements that are retained in every exchange phase
  • Conditions at header and item level
  • Creation of SAP® service masters during import and export of service master information in GAEB format

Mapping of lots is provided, and customer-specific customising (e.g. with regard to text types, condition types, unit mapping, etc.) can be agreed.

Your benefit

Simple, digital data exchange: Structured service specifications and quotations can be exchanged digitally with ease in GAEB format between external service providers and the purchasers in the SAP® system, even if the external partners do not work with SAP®.

Effective process acceleration: The GAEB-supported, digital purchasing process significantly accelerates purchasing and improves quality.

Digitalised purchasing process: The purchasing process can be optimised in the long term by means of an electronic and eVergabe-compatible procedure.

A holistic approach: The usual tender process in construction (tender–award–settlement) can be mapped seamlessly in SAP®. This enables service-related ordering and invoicing.

End user

  • Purchasers
  • Project managers

Technical requirements

  • SAP®
  • Windows operating system

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