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easysquare craftsmen portal

Mobile order management with easysquare

From dripping taps to broken-down elevators and defective heating systems – rental objects harbour countless potential instances of damage. On top of this, regular maintenance and servicing is also required. Overall, landlords and real estate managers rely on additional work provided on external service provers virtually every day, as they can rarely cover the whole range of repairs themselves. However, regardless of whether there are framework agreements or individual invoices, collaboration with external service companies still always involves a greater amount of administrative effort.

The easysquare craftsmen portal reduces this effort to a minimum. Trade companies can use the portal to accept the orders submitted to them, document implementation and send them back to the customer. Integration SAP® ensures that information is exchanged seamlessly.

easysquare Handwerkerportal

The easysquare craftsmen portal allows customers and contractors to process services electronically from the invitation to tender and award through to billing. The seamless integration of the craftsmen portal into a company’s existing purchasing processes means that manual processing is no longer necessary and cuts administrative costs considerably.

When a service needs to be performed, the real estate company sends the order to be awarded to the trade company from their SAP® system. The external service provider can log in to the craftsmen portal conveniently on a PC or on a mobile device using the app and decide whether to accept or decline the order. The order contains all the key information and can be printed out as a data sheet if required.

Negotiated unit price arrangements can be stored as service specifications in the craftsmen portal. You have flexible control over which orders are assigned to which service specification. When entering the services performed, the customer must use the relevant service specifications assigned to the order.

After carrying out the order, the services provided are registered and sent back to the customer’s SAP® system. The customer can confirm the provision of the services, and the invoicing process then follows automatically. In this way, all steps are digitally and seamlessly mapped into the real estate company’s SAP® system.

Mobile connection to the craftsmen portal is also possible. In this case, service provision is supported by the easysquare app. The tradesmen receive orders to be carried out as tasks on their mobile terminal devices and can document order fulfillment from here using checklists.

Detailansicht zum Auftrag im easysquare Handwerkerportal
Detailed view of the order in the easysquare craftsmen portal

The process flow in SAP® and in the craftsmen portal

easysquare Handwerkerportal: Übertragenes und freigegebenes LEB in SAP®

Transmitted and released service entry sheet in SAP®

lle Aufträge stehen in der easysquare mobile App zur Verfügung und können vor Ort bearbeitet werden.

Map display for the corresponding order

Das Suchfeld in der easysquare mobile App ermöglicht eine schnelle Suche in umfangreichen Katalogen.

Calender with the planned assignments and the necessary information

Further information

  • Tender: Tenders can also be processed via the craftsmen portal as part of order processing. Requests can be sent to a group of bidders based on service specifications. Bidders can submit their offers, view and edit them online and add file attachments. All incoming offers are then transmitted to the customer’s ERP system.
  • Maintenance of technical master data: The quality of a company’s own master data can be increased with no extra effort by delegating part of the master data maintenance to the tradesmen. It is possible to maintain the technical features in the portal, and the specific authorisations can be controlled.
  • Order processing: Construction work services and the delivery of materials can also be processed on the basis of orders with attached service specifications. The supply of construction services is then sent back to the customer in the service entry sheet.

Your benefit

Paperless processes: Orders can also be processed quickly and easily without paper – even when on the move.

Transparency: The craftsmen portal provides an overview of all offered and awarded orders with comprehensive status information for monitoring purposes.

Time savings: The time required for invoice processing and maintenance of the supplier data is reduced significantly.

Service orientation: The exchange of information is independent of opening hours and office hours.

Process integration: Tenders can be carried out via the craftsmen portal – without additional software.

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End user

  • Tradesmen
  • Small businesses

Technical requirements

  • easysquare webapp
  • for SAP® integration: Linkage between SAP® systems and the easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and data transfer with OpenPromos® Supply Link
  • for Non-SAP® integration: Linkage between Non-SAP® systems and easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and via the easysquare REST API

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