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Subject: Technique

Consulting Facility & Construction Management

The premium solution for your real estate

In the area of Facility Management & Construction, the focus is on matters relating to direct work on buildings. This includes carrying out minor maintenance work as well as handling major construction projects. Here, the focus is not only on obvious tasks such as target-driven project management, order processing and invoice verification, but also handling insurance claims and implementing measures to meet quality assessment obligations.

In order to meet all requirements regarding quality, legal standards and internal objectives, PROMOS has developed a diverse range of solutions that support you with implementation. Thanks to our long-standing and diverse practical experience arising from complex projects, we can provide you with comprehensive, customised consulting. After all, we know that your real estate objects are the cornerstone of your business activity, and only those who adopt conscientious, sustainable ways of working can be successful on the market in the long term.

Based on long-standing expertise, PROMOS provides comprehensive consulting in the areas of maintenance, service management and construction project management, in particular for the implementation of your requirements in SAP®.

Based on the tried-and-tested solutions of our PROMOS.GT solution library, we can implement each of your requests and requirements on an individual basis, if required. We provide you with support from design, implementation and training through to implementation support and operations.

Our services cover the following areas:

Maintenance and services:

  • Master data management (buildings, apartments, building services)
  • Order processing (minor repairs, servicing and scheduled maintenance)
  • Maintenance controlling
  • Insurance claim handling
  • Maintenance contract management
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Framework agreements, service directories, GAEB (Joint Committee for Electronics in Construction)
  • Tender / award / settlement
  • Coordination of tradespeople

Construction project management:

  • Project controlling (project cockpit, construction account)
  • Project performance levels
  • Defects and warranty management
  • Construction contract processing (construction contracts, supplements)
  • Verification of construction invoices
  • Retentions

Your benefit

Practical experience: Our solutions are based on long-standing expertise from successful practice-based projects with our customers, from which you benefit.

Minimisation of interfaces: Existing projects can be integrated fully into your SAP® system, which means that the implementation of expensive third-party solutions is not necessary and interfaces are minimised.

A holistic approach: Not only do we provide you with a wide range of solutions spanning the entire life cycle of your real estate; we also offer you support from the planning right through to the operation of your solution.

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