Portfolio No.: 3001-01
Subject: Materials Management

SAP Warehouse Management

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When it comes to building maintenance and servicing, a continuous supply of building materials, auxiliaries and consumables is essential. Systematic warehouse management is needed in order to provide at short notice all the goods required. The SAP® Materials Management module provides effective support for warehouse management as well as for the purchase of resource materials.

The set-up options range from small-scale warehouse management based purely on inventory management, through to inventory and values-based warehouse management with annual inventory and integration into the finance and accounting of the ERP system.

Various task areas are connected to the warehouse management, all of which can be mapped using the Materials Management module. PROMOS advises you regarding the individual design and maps the topics that are of interest to and relevant for your company. These functional areas include the management of master data and evaluation of stock material, inventory management including incoming and outgoing goods and stock transfers, implementation of requisitions, the purchase of materials or automated assignment of accounts to the purchasing, invoice and accounting documents.

The module also includes the following functions:

  • Locations, assignments and responsibilities of the physical warehouse and the warehouse material (plants, storage locations, storage bins, MRP controllers)
  • Material reservations and material withdrawals as part of maintenance processing
  • Inventory with correction entries
  • Information system
SAP Auswertung zu Lagerbewegungen im Selektionszeitraum
Analysis of stock movements in the selection period
SAP Auswertung Wareneingangs- / Rechnungs-Saldenliste zum Material
Analysis of goods receipt balance list / invoice balance list for the material

Further information

  • Analyses: The use of master record management for stock materials makes material requisitions in decentral organisational units easier and supports the structured purchase of materials. Purchasing documents and goods movements can be analysed for a selected material with regard to inventory and costs.
  • Price transparency: The use of material master records allow purchase info records to be used in which vendor-specific material prices can be stored as part of materials purchasing. This automatically determines the correct vendor-specific prices when ordering.

Your benefit

Transparency: If, due to a high capital lockup in current assets (warehouse), detailed mapping of the current assets is required in the balance sheet, this can be done conveniently using the Materials Management module.

Requirements-based availability: The exact mapping of the warehouse allows for a precise analysis of requirements and the corresponding procurement of the required goods, so that materials are available at the right time in the right quantity.

Reduction in interfaces: With the Materials Management module, warehouse management can be integrated into other areas, especially accounting.

Time savings: The integration of warehouse management simplifies the material requisition process significantly and partially automates it, thus saving time.

End user

  • Technicians
  • Warehouse managers
  • MRP controllers
  • Purchasers
  • Technical controllers
  • Company controllers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® MM
  • possibly FI

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