Portfolio No.: 3003-01
Subject: Maintenance

Maintenance Processing Optimisation

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Building maintenance is one of the key tasks of real estate managers, as this is the only way that value can be secured in the long term. Here, the processing of maintenance orders spans various difference task areas and departments, including procurement, master data management and investment planning. Comprehensive mapping in SAP® therefore definitely makes sense.

Based on our long-standing expertise, we provide you with various best practice solutions that can be tailored to your requirements and framework as part of individual consulting and analysis in a company-specific manner. Our services range from optimised master data management through to efficient order management and integrated invoicing and control. Here, you can utilise the range of functions in SAP® as well as the connection to our mobile portal solutions.

Master data management is the starting point for maintenance processing. PROMOS allows you to generate the existing functional locations from the real estate objects of your SAP® system automatically. Furthermore, the precise technical building equipment and other technical features can be mapped via assemblies or classifications. It is also possible to import master data and features using an interface and carry out mobile entry of the data via easysquare mobile. Various different analyses for the technical features can then be performed in the SAP® system.

All steps relating to maintenance processing can be mapped using easysquare workflow easily and conveniently. When the company receives a maintenance notification, the user enters it straight into SAP® efficiently, causing the system to trigger a process that also comprises automated processor determination, if required. As part of the ordering process, the SAP® system can determine and use the relevant stored suppliers including framework agreements and service specifications. When the order is finally made, it is possible to store company-specific release strategies that apply from a certain order volume, for example. Once the measures have been implemented successfully, you have the option to check and release the relevant service entry sheets and invoices in easysquare workflow. To ensure that work carried out is of a consistently high quality, suppliers can also be evaluated in SAP®.

Furthermore, the following processes can be supported by PROMOS:

  • Maintenance contracts including integration into real estate management and the utility statement
  • Processing of insurance claims
  • Integration of warranty management
  • Integration into maintenance planning and budgeting
Bestellfreigabe mit easysquare workflow
Order release with easysquare workflow

Further information

  • Real estate controlling: For optimal maintenance processing, PROMOS also provides integration into real estate controlling and asset accounting. In this way, maintenance costs can be planned and budgeted in precise detail. Comprehensive analyses relating to master data, maintenance orders and invoices are used for this purpose.
  • Safety precautions: Fulfilling safety duties is part of maintenance management and can be mapped by PROMOS using SAP® or an independent, web-based quality assessment portal. In both cases, mobile processes can be integrated using easysquare mobile.
  • Coordination of craftsmen: The easysquare craftsmen portal can be connected to the solution, which makes order processing with the relevant suppliers easier.

Your benefit

Time savings: Optimising the maintenance process using integrated processing in your SAP® system significantly increases efficiency and saves time.

Transparency: Full mapping of maintenance processing in SAP® allows for specific analyses and plans based on these analyses.

Integration: Maintenance processing can be integrated into controlling and accounting, thereby creating a consistent data basis.

End user

  • Maintenance

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP

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