Portfolio No.: 3004-01
Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Maintenance Controlling

A faster view of what pays off

Increasing competition and the associated cost pressures make it essential to question all items on the expenditure side. Although the maintenance of buildings and the relevant infrastructure serves to secure value in the long term, every single euro should be invested wisely. Through effective controlling, the expenditure carried out and planned can be analysed in precise detail. Here, it is not just a question of which service providers provide their services at the cheapest price; questions regarding quality and the reliability of prices also play a role and serve as a decision-making tool when selecting suppliers. Analyses of the ratio of planned to unplanned orders, the time that costs occur and budget compliance are also interesting. PROMOS provides various analyses in the form of ALV lists with different options for jumping to further transactions for your SAP® system.

Maintenance reporting tool

An analysis tool for maintenance (maintenance reporting tool) allows you to analyse all documents for a maintenance order including the orders and invoice documents. In this way, the costs incurred for an order can be prepared precisely. A list of all maintenance orders can also be displayed, from which you can jump straight to the order and invoice and perform a subsequent cost allocation to a tenant. The maintenance reporting tool is filled overnight via a report.

Calculation of estimated price

Price estimation is essential for planning the costs of maintenance measures. Here, you can have the average costs and the lowest and highest order amount for each damage code output in your SAP® system. The resulting estimated prices are later used to make decisions regarding the implementation of measures as well as to control the craftsmen portal inspection cube.


Monitoring budgets is a crucial aspect of maintenance controlling. The PROMOS budget ALV provides a reporting list of the relevant budgets and maintenance orders. Additional information such as order type, functional location, activity type and planner group can be displayed here. At the individual order level, it is possible to display the residual order plan.

Instandhaltungs-AWT mit dem PROMOS Instandhaltungscontrolling
Maintenance reporting tool

Your benefit

Time savings: The maintenance reporting tool is filled by means of an overnight report. This means that up-to-date data is available at all times and time-consuming retrievals are eliminated.

Transparency: The analysis tool in SAP® allows the data to be presented in a clear and aggregated manner, and this is ideal for use in maintenance controlling.

Cost savings: Maintenance controlling can be improved to a significant degree using the analysis options available, and this has a positive impact on costs.


End user

  • Technicians
  • Maintenance workers

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