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Subject: Materials Management

Central Purchasing

For a central solution in your SAP® system

The central purchasing of office supplies, fixed assets and services according to a pre-defined procedure is standard practice. In larger companies, in particular, precise process structures are defined according to which materials must be procured. The larger a company and its areas of activity become, the more comprehensive its requirements become and, accordingly, the more complex the existing purchasing structures become. The central purchasing solution from SAP® can optimise a purchaser’s day-to-day work in the office significantly.

SAP® has implemented a diverse range of functions to support processors in their day-to-day tasks, such as automated account determination, options for managing master data and material groups, and order-based invoice verification. Furthermore, PROMOS enhances the standard SAP® solution if required, by adding easysquare processes for entering, approving and processing orders that are tailored to your requirements.

As part of the SAP® solution for central purchasing, you can select from a wide portfolio of functions:

Organisational units: The organisational units in question can be defined on a customer-specific basis taking into account employee roles, departments and locations. Requirements relating to evaluation and accounting or integration into the organisational structure of accounting and controlling can also be incorporated.

Master data: For recurring orders, there is a useful function for maintaining materials or services with prices, which makes such orders faster to process. Automatic account determination can also be defined via materials. Recurring payments are mapped with framework orders using invoicing plans.

Material groups: Within the scope of the definition of material groups, the individual requirements relating to a structure for access, authorisation, account determination and analysis are taken into account.

Processes: All the steps of the purchasing process can be mapped in SAP®. The purchase requisition uses stored estimated prices, preferred suppliers and, if applicable, a stored release procedure. The contract with the relevant supplier is mapped as part of the order. The goods receipt or service entry step allows you to provide evidence that the goods or services have been received. In the event of a defective delivery, a return can be mapped in a systematic manner. Invoice verification based on order receipt or goods receipt is then carried out.

Account assignment, budgeting and cost control: When creating the purchase requisition or order, an account assignment can be stored so that budgets can be checked at an early stage. Posting to the asset or creating new asset masters is also possible. The data required for posting the invoice is available at the time of ordering, which makes invoice entry and invoice posting extremely easy.

Bestellanforderung in SAP dezentral erstellen
Decentralised creation of purchase requisitions
Bestellanforderung in easysquare workflow freigeben
Release of purchase requisitions in easysquare workflow

Further information

  • Integration of correspondence: Correspondence can be generated via the orders, which are sent to the suppler as a printed copy, or by fax or email.
  • Portal connection: Supplier portals can be connected as an option.
  • Mobile connection: Mobile forms can also be integrated on request using easysquare mobile, which means that work can also be taken care of via app from anywhere.
  • Self-services, Fiori apps: Especially for employees who do not otherwise work with SAP®, a web interface with a simplified mask may be a solution. Creation, approval and tracking for own orders can thus be mapped in an optimal manner.
  • Automated processor determination: PROMOS allows you to store automated processor determination within processes based on cost centres.

Your benefit

Centralisation: Even in the case of decentral goods receipt, the entire procurement process can be handled in a bundled manner in your SAP® system.

Integration: The integration of purchasing into SAP® allows accounting and controlling to be integrated at the same time.

Time savings: The comprehensive mapping of the purchasing process serves to optimise this process and thus reduce the time required.

End user

  • Purchasing / procurement
  • Central services

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP Materials Management (MM)

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