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Subject: Maintenance

Managing in-house services

Successfully independent

Various different operational services need to be carried out as part of real estate management, such as lawn maintenance, a large amount of minor maintenance work and regular cleaning of stairwells. In-house service employees are often available to carry out this work. Provision of these services must be mapped in the SAP® system just like an external order and taken into account in accounting.

To process activities carried out in-house, we provide you with special order types and processes that are integrated into controlling and real estate management. This allows all conceivable steps to be mapped directly in SAP®, from HR planning and order processing through to activity confirmation and warehouse management.

In order to manage in-house activities in SAP®, the existing work centres are first created (e.g. a painter’s workshop). Cost centres with activities and rates, as well as employees, can be allocated to these work centres. This allows capacities to be managed in an optimal manner. The SAP® organisational structure can be used here.

We support you with order processing by allowing you to create various order types which can then be integrated into controlling automatically. Planning relating to the processing time and costs can be executed in the SAP® system automatically from the activity type or the stored rates. When carrying out the order, multiple processes for multiple trades as well split assignments can be mapped (e.g. when there are different performance dates or multiple technicians). In order to improve resource planning, there is also an option for storing service specifications, framework agreements, materials and production resources or tools in the system.

If the work has been carried out, the hours worked and, if applicable, the remaining work and activities and/or materials can be confirmed in SAP® as part of the management of in-house activities. The relevant posting can be performed as an internal activity allocation. Individual release strategies can be defined for recording hourly times.

If the work is periodic (e.g. lawn maintenance), we provide you with the option of performing rate and capacity planning based on the work centres and cost centres. The hours worked can also be posted periodically as internal activity allocation in controlling.

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In-house order with service specifications

Further information

  • Fee calculator: For services performed by architectures and engineers, the fees involved can be calculated using a fee calculator. If required, there is also an option for recording the performance status and preparing fee-based invoices.
  • Management of material master records and the warehouse: On request, you can store materials and perform inventory valuations in SAP®. Warehouse management can also be mapped completely. This includes material withdrawals, goods deliveries and the inventory.
  • Mobile integration and process control: Activities can be entered on mobile devices using the easysquare mobile app and confirmed for the order automatically in SAP®. In addition, individual processes for releasing orders and checking activity confirmations can be defined in easysquare workflow. There is also an option for integration into easysquare public safety.
  • Integration into SAP® MRS: The SAP® MRS (Multiresource Scheduling) module can be used to create optimised resources schedules.

Your benefit

Minimisation of interfaces: A company’s in-house activities can be integrated and mapped in SAP®, which minimises media discontinuities and allows efficient internal activity allocation to be performed.

Efficiency: The comprehensive mapping of in-house services makes it easier to plan the available resources and costs involved. This allows employees and materials to be deployed more efficiently.

Convenience: A number of additional functions beyond the standard SAP® system make employees’ day-to-day work easier and thus minimise administration tasks.

End user

  • Maintenance
  • Services
  • Independent operations

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