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easysquare mobile inventory recording

Maintain your data right where your property inventories are located

The larger a housing company’s inventory, the greater the volume of inventory data. Keeping this data up to date becomes more and more challenging as the number of rental units increases. When a property is modernised or a building component replaced, the data record is often not updated in SAP®. The reason for this is primarily the time delay between an on-site visit and working in SAP® at the office. Transferring data from a service provider can also result in a communication gap and data loss.

With mobile inventory recording from easysquare, you avoid these stumbling blocks in a clever and uncomplicated way. The users can delete, change or add to the components (assemblies at the functional location) from SAP® in the mobile form directly while on site. Thanks to automatic reintegration, the new information is available in SAP® instantly once the form has been sent.

The users open the easysquare professional app and then open the form for mobile inventory data maintenance on the mobile terminal device. They then selects the object (the functional location) from a catalogue in the form. The catalogue has one level and can be filtered using a full text search in the list header. After selection, the inventory data (BOM items) are displayed for the selected functional location in the form. They correspond to the data available in the SAP® system.

The displayed inventory data or assemblies can be viewed and deleted if necessary. It is also possible to add new assemblies for the object using a catalogue. The catalogue provides the user with all possible assemblies (MM materials) for selection.

After saving the amended inventory data, the data is transferred to the SAP® system asynchronously. The mobile changes are then made available on request in SAP® in a release dialogue according to the principle of dual control. The dialog prepares the mobile data in a tree structure with the following hierarchy: date > functional location (ID + description) > assemblies with status (deleted / added). The users can use the structure to identify at a glance which changes have been made at what time and at which location.

To release, the users simply click on the release button. The changes are then made automatically in the SAP® bill of materials for the functional locations. The release dialogue also provides a history function that displays the status changes (release / rejection) with the SAP® user and release date.

The necessary master data from the customer’s SAP® system is updated daily and made available on the mobile terminal devices via a (overnight) report for mobile inventory data maintenance.

Anzeige der am Technischen Platz vorhandenen Baugruppen mit Änderungsmöglichkeit in der easysquare mobile App.

In the easysquare professional app, the available assemblies at the functional location are displayed with change options.

easysquare Mobile Bestandsfreigabe: Freigabedialog in SAP®

A release dialogue ensures that only the requested data is transferred to the SAP® system.

Further information

  • Mobile recording of customer fields: In SAP®, it is possible to define customer fields for the relevant assemblies at a functional location. In these individually defined fields (e.g. type, size, last maintenance), additional details regarding the assemblies can be maintained based on the functional location. Using easysquare inventory data recording, the relevant additional fields and their content can also be made available in the mobile form, where they can also be edited. The changes to the customer fields can also be released in the release dialogue.
  • easysquare solution for legal safety regulations: Inventory data maintenance can be integrated seamlessly into the easysquare quality assessment solution. It is then even possible to record inventory data directly during a public safety inspection.

Your benefit

No loss of information or time delays: The updated data is transferred directly to the SAP® system with no paper or media discontinuities.

Security: To prevent incorrect or unwanted data getting into the SAP® System, a release dialogue can be implemented in SAP®. The updated data is first checked based on the dual control principle.

Time savings: Automatic SAP® integration means that the data recorded on site does not need to be transferred manually to the SAP® system. This can result in significant time savings.

End user

  • Technical portfolio managers
  • Technical property managers
  • House caretakers

Technical requirements

  • easysquare professional app
  • SAP® PM
  • SAP® MM

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