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PROMOS HOAI fee calculator

Fee calculation at the press of a button

The rules for calculating fees for architects and engineers are often complex; however, due to their binding nature, real estate and construction companies cannot avoid them. In practice, calculating fees is often time-consuming and requires a high level of expertise.

The PROMOS HOAI fee calculator makes the process significantly easier and also offers the advantage of integration into your SAP® system. It also provides various additional functions beyond the calculation of fees. For example, performance levels can be recorded, fee analyses performed and correspondence prepared. The HOAI fee calculator works with the SAP® project system here.

The PROMOS HOAI fee calculator supports you in calculating fees, including automatic calculation of eligible costs, recording and settling performance levels, analysing and planning fees and preparing correspondence.

Fee calculation

Various calculation methods can be used as part of the fee calculation: fee tables, lump sum fees and time-based fees. A calculation based on fee tables takes into account fee zones, fee rates, work phases, surcharges and discounts, special services and additional costs. Furthermore, when calculating the costs, the budget, cost estimate, cost calculation, quotation, cost statement and construction costs agreement levels are made available.

Service entry

In addition to fee calculation, the PROMOS solution also allows you to record performance levels chronologically. This function not only increases transparency, which is necessary for successful project management; it also allows you to settle performance levels and thus post fee-based invoices.

Analyses and correspondence

Fee calculations can be analysed conveniently using reports. The individual values as well as an overview can be displayed via layouts. In the analyses and plans, you can also analyse and compare postings by the hour for architects and engineers. Furthermore, analyses and correspondence are available that can be configured individually, allowing target and actual fees as well as remaining fee balances to be shown.


Within the PROMOS HOAI fee calculator, there are various customer exits, such as for company-specific filling and validation when recording fee calculations. In addition, individual work scopes can be defined for the fee calculation.

Honorarberechnung mit dem PROMOS HOAI-Rechner
Fee calculation

Your benefit

Time savings: The significant degree of automation when calculating fees results in considerable time savings. Manual calculations using Excel are no longer necessary.

Reduction in interfaces: The PROMOS HOAI fee calculator is integrated into your SAP® System, allowing media discontinuities during planning, analysis and controlling to be avoided.

A holistic approach: In addition to fee calculation, the PROMOS tool also provides a host of additional functions, such as integrated performance level entry and various analysis options, which allows the process to be mapped comprehensively.

End user

  • Architects
  • Engineers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® Project System (PS)

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