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Subject: Construction

PROMOS Project Cockpit

Successful completion of construction projects

To successfully manage construction projects, it is essential to have the right IT support. It is important to keep track of KPIs relating to target and actual values, so that deviations can be corrected quickly. At the same time, orders must be managed and invoices processed according to the services actually performed.

PROMOS provides you with a powerful project cockpit for your SAP® system with which to manage construction projects. From here, you can process all the relevant transactions and thus manage your data exactly where you need it. The project cockpit displays the KPIs of the construction account and offers you all functions for a project overview as well as for orders and invoices.

Mit dem PROMOS Projektcockpit Bauprojekte erfolgreich in SAP managen

The PROMOS project cockpit can be used as the central control tool for your construction projects. The header of the screen displays the project master data such as the project start date and the project manager. Three different tabs are provided that can be used to map the project’s entire lifecycle:

Project overview

The project overview tab displays the project KPIs relating to the overall budget values, target and actual costs and the remaining budget available. At the same time, the funds commitment can be called and forecasts for relevant claims prepared.


In addition to planning, the procurement process also plays an important role within construction projects. The Orders tab provides you with all the relevant steps for this process: purchase requisitions and orders can be recorded and supplements created and maintained. The project cockpit can also issue an overview of the supplements.


The provision of a service follows on from the ordering process. The PROMOS project cockpit can be used to record and release the service entry sheets transmitted by the suppliers. There is also an option for recording any defects. The Invoices tab also provides an overview of all the parked and posted invoices. WBS elements and individual documents can be displayed.

Projektcockpit: Übersicht-Projekt
Project Cockpit: overview of the project

Further information

Based on the project prefix or project profile, individual defaults can be configured for the following items via customising:

  • Layouts
  • Jumps
  • Statistical values for the construction account
  • Column names

Your benefit

Efficiency: With the PROMOS project cockpit, construction projects can be managed efficiently thanks to the central layout of the relevant functions and information.

Transparency: KPIs for target and actual values can be called in just a few clicks for a specific project and, if necessary, filtered using the standard SAP® functions.

Customisation options: Your requirements for functional and optical presentation can be catered to on a project-specific basis.

End user

  • Project management
  • Project controlling

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP
  • PROMOS Construction Account

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