Portfolio No.: 9302-02
Subject: Construction

PROMOS Construction Account

Construction project controlling made easy

Recording income and expenditure for a construction project in the form of a construction account creates a high level of transparency, which is extremely valuable for optimal project controlling. Construction projects involve a high degree of procurement and commissioning with regard to construction materials and services to be performed, which makes the construction account even more important for a project’s success.

The PROMOS Construction Account aggregates the data from various modules as line items or WBS elements for selected construction projects. This means that all the relevant data such as planned costs, budget, construction contracts and posted invoices can be presented clearly in an ALV list, which would require various different lists in the SAP® system.

The PROMOS Construction Account determines all single documents (i.e. single document evidence) for projects from the SAP® system and provides KPIs across the project hierarchy.

A selection screen is available to present the relevant data and KPIs for the construction project or multiple construction projects. Here, the user can first select the relevant projects or WBS elements. The output can also be limited based on the cost type/account and in terms of time based on the project start date and/or the posting date. Furthermore, a host of other selection criteria are available that determine the display type and document type; for example, showing revenues, suppressing zero cells, and headings.

Generally, it is possible to take into account the following documents:

  • Accounting documents (FI invoices, advance payments)
  • Material documents (MM invoices, goods and service entries)
  • Purchase requisitions, orders, supplements (commitment)
  • Loans (value dating)
  • Assets (master data and assets)
  • Controlling documents (internal activity allocation, assessments, settlements, record of hourly times)
  • Funds commitments (commitment)
  • Claims, notifications (forecasts, defects)
  • Maintenance orders assigned to the project
  • Attachment list for invoices (jump to the attachments)

The PROMOS construction account also allows you to determine and display various useful KPIs, including cost plans, budget values, actual costs, order values and gross or net values.

For further analyses and reports, an extractor is available to export the data into your SAP® BW system. The export for attachments for invoices (usually scanned invoice documents) can also be used.

Selektionsmaske PROMOS Baubuch
Selection screen for PROMOS Construction Account
ALV-Liste im PROMOS Baubuch
ALV list for construction account

Further information

  • Individualisation: On request, required intermediate totals can be defined via customising. It is also possible to implement customer-specific rows and columns.
  • Cross-application use: The construction account can also be called from other programs. The selected data is returned via a shared memory.
  • Project progress: Optionally, project performance levels can also be displayed in the PROMOS Construction Account. This extends the options for project controlling.

Your benefit

Transparency: The PROMOS Construction Account can display all the relevant KPIs and documents in your SAP® system at the press of a button.

Time savings: The required data is available on call and no longer needs to be generated and compiled in a complicated manner using various lists. This results in valuable time savings.

End user

  • Project management
  • Project controlling

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