Portfolio No.: 9302-05
Subject: Construction

PROMOS Project Performance Levels

Record project progress quickly and efficiently

Only those who know the actual status of their projects can estimate whether incurred costs and planned costs are reasonable and realistic. Without the necessary technical aids, tasks that can be performed in smaller projects thanks to personal contact and networking of those involved on site are virtually impossible in larger projects with many employees and ordering parties.

To allow you to keep a clear overview, with the PROMOS project performance levels, we have made it possible for you to periodically record the project progress conveniently for each WBS element, order and/or PO item and thus to relate this to budgets and costs. The values are recorded as a percentage using an entry list. Optionally, a release function can be configured for performance levels, and it is also possible to post unfinished work.

The recorded performance levels can be analysed using a list and integrated into the construction account and invoice release process. The function that allows you to jump from the invoice verification process straight to performance level recording has also proven to be convenient.

Performance level recording takes place periodically (once a month at the most) using a clear single-screen transaction. The recorded values are then listed clearly in an evaluation table. In addition to the new performance level, this table also shows the nominal performance level based on the recorded order values, the deviation of the performance level from the payment status and a forecast value that is calculated based on the assumption that the development of performance and payment is linear.

To avoid potential errors, the recording of performance levels for completed project WBS elements or fully settled orders is excluded as the system automatically sets the performance level to 100 percent.

To ensure that the assets for a project are mapped correctly, PROMOS has provided a function for posting unfinished work. In the event that the actual invoice status is lower than the recorded performance level, the relevant difference can be posted automatically as unfinished work. If required, the posting is planned in the background periodically.

In the past, recording performance levels as part of invoice release has proven to be useful. PROMOS has thus integrated a jump from the invoice verification process within easysquare workflow to performance level recording. Once the performance has been recorded, the performance level data can be displayed directly in the workflow.

Leistungsstanderfassung mit den PROMOS Projektleistungsständen
Recording performance levels
Anzeige des Leistungsstands im Rechnungsprüfungsprozess in easysquare workflow
Display of the performance level in the invoice verification process

Further information

  • Authorisation concept: In construction projects, often only the on-site technician or project manager knows the actual progress of the project, so it makes sense for this person to report the performance level in SAP®, too. However, the invoice verification process is usually performed by accounting employees. The PROMOS authorisation system can be used to carry out these shared tasks optimally and in line with the company-specific specifications. Thanks to integration into easysquare workflow, the employees responsible automatically receive their inspection, release or recording tasks.
  • Automatic account determination: Via customising, account determination can be carried out for automatic posting of the unfinished work.

Your benefit

Fast recording of performance levels: The project progress can be recorded as a percentage quickly and conveniently using a clearly presented screen.

Automation: Unfinished work can be posted in the background automatically if required.

Efficiency: The integrated solution allows processing and coordination effort to be reduced.

End user

  • Project managers for construction
  • Project controllers for construction

Technical requirements

  • SAP® PS
  • SAP® MM

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